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Requesting Numbers

daretobe Apr '18
Hey, I want to know who else wishes there was a bit more freedom in what characters you can use. I want to be able to use numbers in character names, especially for androids. the /as command already lets you have characters with numbers, you can number pawns, etc. So it should not be that much of an issue for the chat-box.

I've also on several occasions wanted to use Umlauts and other more non-English character types in names. I'm not asking for the Chinese alphabet to be enabled, but having more not standard characters work on the site would make character names more diverse.
3hlt Apr '18
As an aside from numbers, different fonts or just bolding would help segregate and categorize info and just makes it look plain neater.
At the moment, I'm stuck using another site for these and while it works for the character sheet, the chatbox does not accept it.

Basically, moar freedom yaes.

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