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How would the person above you die in Medfan?

alkwyzheir Apr '18
Following mylittlepony's trend of miscellaneous shenanigans, sure!
oman1666 Apr '18
Owlbear attack.
supersam317 Apr '18
Corrupted to death
rxlr Apr '18
Impaled by falling on top of a bone of his own ressurected Undead
spidermod Apr '18
Smited by the gods
mylittlepony May '18
Bitten/betrayed by a spider
gongrath May '18
Food poisoning.
vechmaster May '18
edward May '18
Poached to extinction
nattiemarie May '18
Suffocation inside of "Vech's Satchel".
spoiderman May '18
Killed by their own weapon in the most ironic way possible.
trotrigar May '18
Killed by spiders.
seanisaswom May '18
Eaten by three tigers
greywolf1600 May '18
Eviscerated by space demons.
young May '18
Poached for his pelt
jelllo May '18  /  edited May '18
dying before his time
mylittlepony May '18
killed by a rather large slime monster
rlvvmc May '18
Killed by this forum's poster by posting a comment twice
mylittlepony May '18
death by irony
oman1666 May '18
Owlbear attack.
mylittlepony May '18
Making the same mistake twice and paying for it
alkwyzheir May '18
Refusing to play chemgas650's game.
mylittlepony May '18
Bird attack.

(okay seriously last one from me)
yummypancake May '18
Beat up by a spoiled rich girl's magic pony
mylittlepony May '18
choking on a pancake

(i have no self control)
spidermod May '18
losing their character's control and walking to a bottomless pit
chronodumb May '18
rock fall, everyone dies
fenriswolf91 May '18
Don´t know. Maybe orcs? I really do not know chronodumb that good.
doggoboii May '18
chained in fenrirs chains (and also dis dude is always above me holy %#@&)
pyrak Jun '18
Wild Gazebo attack.
spidermod Jun '18
Killed in pirate invasion
tourneyguy Jun '18
Trapped in a giant web and starved to death.
fenriswolf91 Jun '18
Killed in the king´s tourney by the black knight. Every tourney has a black knight.
minty Jun '18
Cornered, mauled, and devoured by a pack of wolves.
supersam317 Jun '18
Watching the WNBA
smokedog56 Jul '18
to many spitoons
ragnas Jul '18
An unfortunate sneeze in a critical moment.
fatness Jul '18
A generic guard
depcubone Aug '18
His name.
trotrigar Aug '18
Killed by fat people.
tourneyguy Aug '18
Killed in three different ways.
alkwyzheir Aug '18
Lovers quarrel due to gender confusion.
supersam317 Aug '18
Ran over by SJW protestors
demonboigaia Aug '18
Ran over by an ambulance
mizuakira Aug '18
Killed by demon itself
spoiderman Aug '18
Killed by their evil twin.
llamascanfly Aug '18
Killed by Voinem
punkblade Sep '18
Crushed by a llama falling from the sky.
slackernuke Sep '18
A villager kid that wields a sword for his Burned down and slaughtered village and accidentally took Punkblade as the killer of his parents slaying punkblade on sight.
rlvvmc Sep '18
Killed by slacking off while a nuke was about to fall on their head
slackernuke Sep '18  /  edited Sep '18
Killed by a person whose name is a acronym of his name which is Rlvvmc =
R = Rebel
L = Legion
V = Valdamort
V = Visual novel
MC = Main Character
mylittlepony Sep '18
Dying in an overly complex and acronymized manner for no particular reason.
alkwyzheir Sep '18
Death by shock, reading on what a glue factory is.
slackernuke Sep '18
Shot by an arrow from a wandering forest poacher.
supersam317 Sep '18
Death by snu snu
shadowranger Sep '18  /  edited Sep '18
Death by orc hunger
alkwyzheir Sep '18
General Kenobi.
spidermod Sep '18
Killed by General Grievous while making a joke
caviar Sep '18
Killed by a joke while General Grievous.
tourneyguy Sep '18
Chopped up and eaten as part of an exotic delicacy.
spidermod Sep '18
Skewered in a joust tournament by the Dark Knight
supersam317 Sep '18
Rolling a skull
otisjustotis Oct '18
Drinking too much ale
spidermod Oct '18
Death by famous serial killer Otis the Just
rideon Oct '18  /  edited Oct '18
little Miss Muffet
Sat on her tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spidermod,
Who sat down beside her,
And frightened Miss Muffet away;
Along came the morn of tomorrows dawn,
Miss Muffet brought her own tuffet;
Plonking it down and sitting upon it,
Spidermod was under it,
Gasping with breath his last thought was,
"Oh little Miss Muffet why did you sit on your tuffet"
Before dyeing a most gruesome death.
rlvvmc Oct '18
death from too much riding
greyline Oct '18
Death from waiting for a table to open
zomb Nov '18
Death from old age... that or hell I don't know a ageing curse?
slackernuke Nov '18  /  edited Nov '18
Shortly after turning into zomb a Cleric in the name of whatever god he worships kills him.
humon Nov '18
keisha Dec '18
by someone saying "omaewa mou shinderu" to his face
otisjustotis Dec '18
Death by dead meme vengeance
jungle Dec '18
Death by misfortune
elderprince Dec '18
Death by Deforestation
dshiv095 Dec '18
Death by a younger sibling with ambitions for the throne
alkwyzheir Jan '19
Death by getting de shiv
kansiwiz Jan '19
slackernuke Jan '19
By more poison.
wwtall1 Jan '19
slacking off on his nuke-button-pressing duties.
jarizard Jan '19
whacking head too hard on top of door frame
awalnut Jan '19
Charizard attack
greenranger9 Jan '19
Eaten by someone who thought he was a walnut.
vandy17 Jan '19
Killed by my %#@& 2007 Runescape character
elderprince Jan '19
Run over by 17 minivans
greenranger9 Jan '19
Died of old age before he was able to become king.
(Should we try and start one of these for a different setting?)
nerfy97 Jan '19
Slain by someone collecting wood elf ears for level 10 quest.
awalnut Jan '19
Nerfed into infinity
slackernuke Feb '19
Being crushed between a wall and a nut.
alkwyzheir Feb '19
Alright, since someone mentioned to change the setting for this, we'll make it so that each player are a character from DnD. Tell us how they die.
(You don't have to put a lot of words as I did, it's an example.)

Slackernuke, a bard in a Medieval fantasy, died in a tavern when he was having a drinking contest. At his sixth mug, he accidentally gulped a spit cup and died of intoxication.
awalnut Feb '19
Died of stage 43 untreated Alzheimers
zephyr94 Feb '19  /  edited Feb '19
in dream on a foggy autumn at the age of ...I don't want to know it sorry xd.
johntom Feb '19
Ripped limb from limb by a rogue tornado.
elderprince Mar '19
Bludgeoned to death by a double headed cyclops by the name of John and Tom.
kanto5 Mar '19
the eldest prince and heir apparent to a throne in a medieval fantasy, died falling off a tall balcony when he leaned on the railing. The railing was suspiciously loose, the guards were suspiciously missing, and his brother was suspicious. A squire later discovered the brother paid the railing to kill the guards, barely succeeding and happened to be on their last health point that suspicious day.
greenranger9 Mar '19  /  edited Mar '19
He was walking along one day and a 5 year old dared him to try and kill an ogre saying “I bet you can’t do it”. Saying “I can too!” Kanto5 went to kill the ogre. He died fighting it. And all because he said “Can too!” to a 5 year old.
Now that I think about it that 5 year old seems a bit... suspicious.
vechmaster Mar '19
Killed by a monster that you initially defeat, but then it turns into a giant version of itself
slackernuke Mar '19  /  edited Mar '19
Killed by a monster that was defeated not once but twice but then pulled out a last minute transformation turning itself into a beer under a box with a knife glued to the the top of the inside with its blade pointing down with a stick to keep the beer bottle in perfect view for its target to see.
crimsnwaffle Mar '19
rlvvmc Mar '19
drowned in the syrup-like saliva of waffle monsters as they mauled him.
meephappy Mar '19
Death by an arrow to the knee
greenranger9 Apr '19
Death by an arrow to the head
rlvvmc Apr '19
death by villains of the season draining their power and life.
slackernuke Apr '19
Slipped and fell on his own blade.
greenranger9 Apr '19  /  edited Apr '19
Nuked to oblivion with fireballs.
slackernuke Apr '19
Fired to oblivion with explosive arrows.
kanto5 Apr '19
Died of suspicious circumstances.
greenranger9 Apr '19
Died of accepting every dare, ever.
rideon Apr '19
Died to overwhelming Putty power
yummypancake Apr '19
Died trying to get RID of human's EONS of suffering at the hands of genetically/naturally stronger races by tampering with the space-time continium via elder god shenangigans and wipes out all of existance because he forgot to add Garlic Bread to his magic equation
greenranger9 Apr '19
Choked on stolen Garlic Pancakes
slackernuke Apr '19  /  edited May '19
Shot by a green arrow gifted to paralyze the one it penetrates leaving him there to to spend the rest of eternity growing accustomed to vines, roots, and all sorts of things as plants use him to feed themselves slowly killing him.
mylittlepony Apr '19
Failing to realize that people die if they don't/can't eat or drink
slackernuke Apr '19
Kicked off a bridge by a goat or a donkey. Take your pick.
greenranger9 May '19
Blasted off a donkey by a bridge troll.
lokiodinson May '19
Crushed by a malfunctioning megazord
rlvvmc May '19
Death via old age aided by Thanos.
pyrak May '19
disease. before modern vaccination, nasty diseases were abundant.
tourneyguy May '19
mylittlepony May '19
Freak jousting accident
slackernuke May '19
Surviving the donkey or pony kick off the bridge, only to die by drowning in the pit of manure far below.
rlvvmc May '19
Death via triple skull on a trap
xandit May '19
Was climbing on a rope that a guy threw off the ledge, and fell to their death.
slackernuke May '19
Said his name Xandit wrong once and was killed as a bandit.
kanto5 Jun '19
flipped the wrong switch while in space, died a shooting star.
trotrigar Jun '19
picks the wrong pokemon
rutniuf Jul '19
gets tortured to death
first Jul '19
By gazing too long at the abyss
rlvvmc Jul '19
crosses the finish line in second place. Second, enraged, kills him with an harpoon to the chest.
alkwyzheir Jul '19
Not having actual vowels and assassinated by some grammar veteran.
elderprince Aug '19
Eaten by a giant Owl spirit from a demiplane of demon birds because they disliked his stench
tt38 Aug '19
Killed by an older prince.
rlvvmc Aug '19  /  edited Aug '19
Killed by a battalion of androids model T-T38 who took offense of his name and assumed it was mockery
kanto5 Oct '19
was accidentally slapped to death by the overpowered androids.
alkwyzheir Oct '19
Ash Ketchum uses MissingNo.
rutniuf Mar '20
Died by his own skeleton minions because he looked exactly the same as the person he's trying to kill
tourneyguy Jun '20
Rot enough to death
verysadgirl Jun '20
Jousting accident
vechmaster Jun '20
A broken heart
greenranger9 Jun '20
Lost control of the vech, and then was killed by it/them.
vechmaster Jun '20
I am the vech! --cackle--
alkwyzheir Jun '20
He is the vech!
bustamark Jun '20
Overusing the "I am the vech!/He is the vech!/She is the vech!" meme
penguein Oct '20
He does not die in a medfan. He dies in a scifi!
greenranger9 Oct '20
Killed by a swarm of angry penguins.
krafter24 Nov '20
Hunted by a party of druids wearing leather armors of matching design but different colors and can Wild Shape into a red T-rex, a blue triceratops, a yellow saber tooth tiger, a black mastodon, and a pink pterodactyl.
tt38 Nov '20
Crafted something blasphemous, payed with his life.
honigdachs Nov '20
mastergame44 Nov '20
Eating a poisoned haagen das icecream
pyrak Nov '20
Dying of diseases their body isn't immunized to.
rlvvmc Dec '20
crushed by a pie rack
alkwyzheir Dec '20
"You Died"
Text fell on him, crushing him into cinders.
greenranger9 Dec '20
Killed by Goblin #4372, member of a horde of goblins.
slackernuke Mar '21
Being replaced permanently by Greenranger10
rutniuf Apr '21
Slack off when the nuke blows up
greenranger9 Apr '21
Mistakenly killed by another adventurer for suspected necromancy.
rutniuf Apr '21
Killed by blueranger7, thinking they were a monster
pyrak May '21
Death from exposure to new viruses in the fantasy world.
alkwyzheir May '21
Virus Tensei.
rutniuf Jun '21
Killed by someone who couldn't pronounce his name
first Jun '21
Devoured by wild dogs.
verysadgirl Jun '21
Exposed as a fraud for not being first, but fourth instead.
Later died of alcohol poisoning trying to drink the pain of the shame away.
first Jun '21
Consumed by sadness.
weeaboi Jun '21
Arriving last.
rutniuf Aug '21
Killed by a teeaboo
qwart22 Aug '21
having their life force harvested by vechmaster
baragon Aug '21
Death by conversion to 20.8198 litres
fenriswolf91 Dec '21
Beaten to death by either an angry dwarf or a town guard after having a heated argument with them.
thekrakenpup Jan '22
Not being me in a sea campaign.
slackernuke Feb '22
Never expected the GM to make an unexpected encounter with the legendary fisherman's harpoon, face to blade(Face).
rutniuf Feb '22
Slapped a nuke
pyrak Apr '22
burned at a stake.

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