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How would the person above you die in Medfan?

alkwyzheir Apr '18
Following mylittlepony's trend of miscellaneous shenanigans, sure!
oman1666 Apr '18
Owlbear attack.
supersam317 Apr '18
Corrupted to death
rxlr Apr '18
Impaled by falling on top of a bone of his own ressurected Undead
spidermod Apr '18
Smited by the gods
mylittlepony May '18
Bitten/betrayed by a spider
gongrath May '18
Food poisoning.
vechmaster May '18
edward May '18
Poached to extinction
nattiemarie May '18
Suffocation inside of "Vech's Satchel".
spoiderman May '18
Killed by their own weapon in the most ironic way possible.
trotrigar May '18
Killed by spiders.
seanisaswom May '18
Eaten by three tigers
greywolf1600 May '18
Eviscerated by space demons.
young May '18
Poached for his pelt
jelllo May '18  /  edited May '18
dying before his time
mylittlepony May '18
killed by a rather large slime monster
rlvvmc May '18
Killed by this forum's poster by posting a comment twice
mylittlepony May '18
death by irony
oman1666 May '18
Owlbear attack.
mylittlepony May '18
Making the same mistake twice and paying for it
alkwyzheir May '18
Refusing to play chemgas650's game.
mylittlepony May '18
Bird attack.

(okay seriously last one from me)
yummypancake May '18
Beat up by a spoiled rich girl's magic pony
mylittlepony May '18
choking on a pancake

(i have no self control)
spidermod May '18
losing their character's control and walking to a bottomless pit
chronodumb May '18
rock fall, everyone dies
fenriswolf91 May '18
Donīt know. Maybe orcs? I really do not know chronodumb that good.
doggoboii May '18
chained in fenrirs chains (and also dis dude is always above me holy %#@&)
pyrak Jun '18
Wild Gazebo attack.
spidermod Jun '18
Killed in pirate invasion
tourneyguy Jun '18
Trapped in a giant web and starved to death.
fenriswolf91 Jun '18
Killed in the kingīs tourney by the black knight. Every tourney has a black knight.
minty Jun '18
Cornered, mauled, and devoured by a pack of wolves.
supersam317 Jun '18
Watching the WNBA
smokedog56 22 days ago
to many spitoons
ragnas 21 days ago
An unfortunate sneeze in a critical moment.
fatness 20 days ago
A generic guard
depcubone 18 days ago
His name.
trotrigar 18 days ago
Killed by fat people.
tourneyguy 18 days ago
Killed in three different ways.
alkwyzheir 9 days ago
Lovers quarrel due to gender confusion.
supersam317 8 days ago
Ran over by SJW protestors
demonboigaia 6 days ago
Ran over by an ambulance

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