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Mystic Stash of Ideas

rlvvmc Jun '18  /  edited Jun '18
Greetings! Are you seeking ideas for characters, mechanics, storytelling or general themes? Well you've come to the right place! ...I hope.

This forum post is dedicated towards being a general stash for any kind of ideas regarding:
-Table Mechanics
-Story Themes

Even then, there are quite a few rules regarding posting here. Firstly, no posting anything not regarding the theme, specially meme or troll posts or joke posts. Secondly, no posts can be suggestive in nature or be indirect insults towards a person or group. Lastly, although not a rule, try to put the least amount of effort in the posts, even if you are going to post a throwaway idea.

Additionally, although also optional, it's encouraged that you don't post the full and complete ideas, but rather rough ones, in an effort to make those who use or take inspiration from them to add their own work on top of it.

If you are completely taking and idea(as in, not modifying in any way, A.k.a Copy Pasting) you must give credits for the poster, regardless if they asked for it or not.
rxlr Jun '18
Hi Arex here!
I shall present you today what I call the NO/LESS RNG System, this system may have its flaws as any, but if you want a system that tries to minimize the effects of RNG this is a good start, to not make this post too big I'll try to make it as small and direct as possible.

The rolls executed are only used to check for moons or skulls.
Example: John rolls Might and gets a 3 stars and a moon, the stars are completely disregarded.

Only the Flat Values matter.
Example: John has 3 Might and a +1 bonus trait that adds for combat, when he performs a melee attack he will deal damage equal to 4 disregarding the roll.
Of course a skull or moon can change the situation but blanks or stars won't matter.

To balance the lack of RNG enemies will always defend and have stats of themselves. Of course this may make players stack a Main Trait to overpower enemies for that reason the Triangle Of Defence was made.
Might based attacks can only be defended with Agility
Agility based attacks can only be defended with Wisdom
Wisdom based attacks can only be defended with Might

But what if you really need to defend and your trait is low?
Pay a power point to "ignore" the triangle.

This is a quality of life improvement which I think the system must have and I only realised it a few moments ago.
You can add a bit more of RNG and balance by making players roll the Trait they will use to defend to check for a "reaction" if they get at least a star they can defend if not they can't.

As said above this system has its flaws and can break some tables so shape it the way you like.
ladysarin Jun '18
Here's some links to information I have in my own forums, that are designed to help others, whether they are GM's or Players. Take what you will from them, shape them as you desire, for that is the reason they exist.

An Important Lesson for all!:

Wisdom for New GM's:

Guide to Character Creation for New Players:

What are Stats? What do each cover?:

Running Checks (Why they are Might, not Agility):

Basic Character Sheet Format for Fabletop:

Basic PP Abilities for Melee and Ranged:

Medfan Magics:
rlvvmc Jun '18
Party Setup Idea: Divided

This is a small idea i had after watching a show and i thought it could be fun to implement in a table so... Here it is!

This setup involves having a six player party, where half the party is one team and the other half is another team, and both are in opposite sides.

Sessions for this kind of setup would need to involve both teams into their plot, while also having times where the teams get character development, without giving the spotlight to one of them too much.
And the main factor of fun in this is that the teams would be enemies, as in, they'd be fighting when they end up meeting eachother while also dealing with the main plot in the sessions.

There are a variety of different themes that can be used with this setup, like: superheroes and supervillains, opposing kingdom groups, opposing organization groups, party having different ideals, etc.

That' about all... So if you want to use this idea, feel free to do so! You don't need to give credit for it.

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