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Fantasy Races

jelllo Jun '18
What fantasy race would the person above you be? ( feel free to make up new ones )
tourneyguy Jun '18
Slime monster
rxlr Jun '18
Washing Machinotron
oman1666 Jun '18
Royal Xenomorph (Large, Radioactive.)
rlvvmc Jun '18
Core Human
mylittlepony Jun '18
Either Fates kitsune or basic human.
(i like the trend that i've started)
fenriswolf91 Jun '18
Unicorn, for sure. If that is not a race, then... hmm... a centaur.
nyzrfyrn Jun '18
Some kind of Genie
yummypancake Jun '18
Some sort of Mr.Mxyzptlk-esque impling
gongrath Jul '18
Pancake Golem
fenriswolf91 Jul '18
Khajiit (Cat people from The Elder Scrolls world)
seanisaswom Jul '18
Werewolf minus the were.
jelllo Jul '18
Giant worm creature
supersam317 Jul '18
jello dragon
mylittlepony Jul '18
antiman Jul '18
I believe this one goes without saying.
vechmaster 29 days ago
a person from the negative-realm
alkwyzheir 24 days ago
Whatever the alien from XCOM is.
tourneyguy 23 days ago
trotrigar 18 days ago
Quarter dwarf quarter goblin quarter human quarter ogre

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