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I would like feedback on my campaign idea

doctorgersch Jun '18
Hello there, I am Doctor Gersch, and I have started working on a campaign that, for now, I am calling "A Time-Twisted Tale." In it, you and your party buy a tavern after finding a fortune on an adventure, but it also has portals that connect to other realms, timelines, and dimensions (Think Stargate, but more universe-bending)!

I wanted to ask the Fabletop community if this campaign idea would either be interesting enough to continue working on, scrap it and come up with another idea, or add more ideas to it.
baragon Jun '18
I say go for it. 'Multiversal travel' tables are a big thing, here, and you'll probably get a LOT of players if you set this up.
fenriswolf91 Jun '18
I would give it a try if you continue working on it. That sounds interesting.
daretobe Jun '18
So... The yawning portal.
greyline Oct '18
Pretty cool and i need to stop this and get
Oil in
The store to make pancakes
Aight gotta go
To the store to get that cooking

I typed P.O.T.A.T.O

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