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Still having issues with my table

fenriswolf91 Aug '18
Hi. I thought I open up a forum post because Iīm experiencing issues with accessing my table since some months now. Players often cannot join or rejoin my table, but are stuck in an eternally loading loop. Sometimes even I cannot open my table too.

Also, my table info and profile text changes all īs to asian symbols somehow. Something that doesnīt happen in chat if I play in other tables. I even changed my browser from Maxthon to Google Chrome and made sure my laptopīs localization is set to german, but it still persists somehow.

If anyone has any thought how to fix it, I would really appreciate that.
Thanks - Fenriswolf91
oman1666 Aug '18
Are you using the ` symbol instead of the ' symbol? Fabletop is very fussy with non standard characters, so that might explain some of the issues.

I've just loaded your table with no issues - what exactly is this 'loading loop' is it just 'Error: Longpoll'? - that's a common issue, and is a symptom of a poor internet connection.

Hopefully this advice can help a little bit?
fenriswolf91 Aug '18
That could be one of the issues. And with the table, it is not every time but right before I opened up this Thread I had that problem again. It is not an error message either, just the Loading circle thing when you load up a table goes on forever. Anyway, Thanks for the help so far.

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