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Posting Forums Bug - Temporary Solution Topic

trotrigar Aug '18
Hey! So... Forum Post, is to solve the current bug of Forum Creation.

About the bug:
Basicly, people can not post forums for themselves, however they can post for other players.

How to solve this issue, til its finally getting solved?
- You can post the forums you need to this post, and someone who is reading it, is going to post it on your table's forum.

This bug is nothing a good community can not survive.

== Format of Forum Application ==

Link of YOUR table forums:

Forum Title: /The title of your forum/

Forum Content: /Text or any text-sharing website link (like google docs)/
oman1666 Nov '18
As the forum bug is back, here's another work around (credit goes to Hustle)

It appears that whilst you can't make new forums on your own table, you can make forums on other people's tables... so,

Ask a friend to make a forum thread on your table with a title of your choice, then reply to it with the information you wish to include.

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