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Battlemat Tips

jarizard Jan '19  /  edited Jan '19
Any tips on editing a battlemat and making a good one? I also really wanna know how to make a door. I trying to become better at being a GM so I want the battlemat to look good. thanks in advance!

PS. Oman has edited this message, as this part wasn't appropriate for Fabletop.
oman1666 Jan '19
the first and most important tips for battlemats is to minimise clutter! It can be very tempting to try and include every chair, plant and rug in a room, but this soon becomes confusing and distracting for the players.

Really, battlemats are secondary to narration. The battlemat gives a very vague idea of what's in the room and where, but the narration clarifies exactly what's going on in the scene.

As for doors - there's a tile that appears as a question mark. Keep clicking it go from shading (for shadows or stairs), to wood and stone doors to fire.
wwtall1 Jan '19
"Keep It Simple, Silly"

Battlemap the general layout, put a mini for chests or anything that pops into your head to hint for a player to use, but narration is key to really putting the scene in people's heads.

even just leaving a gap for a door is a common way to do it.
michaelbay Feb '19
Utilise Miniatures

The miniatures might just appear as NPC generation only. However, there are a few minis which can be utilised in battlemat design. Theres boxes, pads, coins, markers, and other tools

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