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What is your favourite fantasy character?

fenriswolf91 Mar '19
Just that. Which character of the fantasy genre (or sci-fi or sci-fan for that matter) is your absolute favourite? It can be a character of a game, movie, TV show, book, or whatever.

IŽll start with throwing in Halaster the Crazy from the Dungeons and Dragons franchise. I mean, he is cool as hell, sitting in his Unterberg dungeon, re-arranging it and fitting it with traps and monsters, and he just doesnŽt care what happens in the world above unless someone comes to the dungeon trying to steal his treasures. Oh, and he seems to be immortal, at least he is several centuries old.
oman1666 Mar '19
Samwise Gamgee.

A lot of fantasy characters are very powerful, kings and wizards and expert fighters. Sam is a gardener. But his best friend in the world is going on a hopeless quest to stop an evil force more powerful than he can comprehend... and he's going too!

" "Sam did not wait to wonder what was to be done [...] He sprang forward with a yell, and seized his master's sword in his left hand. Then he charged. No onslaught more fierce was ever seen in the savage world of beasts, where some desperate small creaturearmed with little teeth, elone, will spring upon a tower of horn and hide that stands bove its fallen mate."

This is Shelob feeling the full wrath of a good, kind man whose best friend has been injured. An evil creature, of a similar level to Sauron, who has seen the evils of this world rise and fall... and she has never seen ferocity like this, because Sam is the greatest friend in the history of literature.

And my pick for best literary character of all time.
antiman Mar '19
Dredgen Yor, fallen to the dark and wielder of Thorn.

Dredgen Yor was once Rezyl Azzir, a staunch protector of humanity's Last City, and a champion of the Traveler, the dormant machine god who had taken refuge on Earth. The traveler granted immortality to its Guardians, so that they could live to fight another day, and fight to their fullest without fear of death. Rezyl fought in this way for centuries, dying hundreds, if not thousands of times in the name of humanity. His broad shoulders buckled under the weight of a war that would never end, and whispers from Earth's moon drew him in with taunting words.

On the moon, he looked into the Hellmouth, a forsaken pit of Hive magic and apocrypha. He entered, seeking to purge this evil with his handcannon, Rose, and return to how things had always been. Within the Hellmouth, he saw only darkness, and the darkness saw what little glimmer of light he had left as a delicious morsel. He faced down a Hive knight in single combat, fists and weapons clashing intimately; in this, he realized that he was not special. The Darkness had Champions too, and perhaps they even protected a city of their own. He destroyed the knight in Solar fire, and left the Hellmouth changed. His weapon was no Rose, and it had never been. He shed his Ghost as he shed doctrine; a Rose is nothing but Thorns.
onggmaid Jun '19
honestly the weasley twins, im not as long winded as others but, they provided alot of laughs.
alkwyzheir Jun '19
Winter Wyvern from Dota 2: Auroth, the nerdy bookwriter.

It's just one of the many Dota 2 characters that not a lot of people use. It's a support hero that I play as a core/carry with good winrate about 60-62%-ish, 1500 games with only playing her.

What Iike about her is that she's adorable, she's sweet, she'-- who am I kidding? I practically worship this character as a waifu. It's the same as how Solaire the Solar Knight from Dark Souls praises and worships his sun. My Winter is like my sun and moon, my ocean to my land, it's very lovely.

Aside from that, she's mostly known as a booknerd.

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