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wifi Apr '19
Hey guys. Im kinda bummed that my forum ain't working out. I heard some others dealing with the same issue. When it fix?
oman1666 Apr '19
Please bear in mind as always that Fabletop is the side project of a single man. I'm sure Frost will fix it as soon as he can.

As a work around in the meantime; you can't make forums on your own table, but other players can. Simply ask another player to make you a forum, that you can then post in.
manaku Aug '19
I'm trying to use a second account for making some posts in my table, but I still get the 504 Gateway Time-out
rlvvmc Aug '19  /  edited Aug '19
Second workaround: Every forum has their own number. If you look at the link of this very forum, you'll see

That number, 12581, is the forum post number. Consider this post to be the very last forum post made, if you make a new forum post on your table now, it'll be forum post number 12582. If you access that via writing that number in the link, you'll find your newly made forum post there.

Now all you need to do is write and post a comment in that forum, and it'll appear as normal in your table forum.

Do keep in mind that for this to work, you must include both title and description when creating the forum post before initially posting it.(If you don't add the description, it won't save the post itself, even if the description will not be saved in the end anyways, which means you can't access it through its forum post number.)

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