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rlvvmc 7 days ago  /  edited 7 days ago
Personal opinion, but i love it when people come up with their own unique races or monsters that aren't variants of pre-existing ones. As such, it would be very nice to see unique foes added in to campaigns, so i had the idea for this forum.

Throw any monster ideas you find interesting in here, detailing their appearance and abilities. You can also put races here, though this forum is meant for custom monsters. These ideas don't need to be original, only unique. The only rule is:
No variant monsters/races. This means you can't create an orc that has red skin and call it a new monster, for example.

I'll start:
Golem Serpent
"A creature seemingly made of rocks. It has a round but craggy body with two bulky front legs with large claws looking like stalactites. It has a long tail made of rocks, and it is deceptively fast in its movement. It lives underground and feeds on rocks, rich soil, minerals and crystals. All Golem Serpents have a ghostly grow whose color depends on their diet."
Golem Serpents are incredibly bulky life-wise, having the abilities to wrap their rocky tail around their foes, slash at them with both their claws or swallow their enemy whole.

Dragon Mole
"A large creater, resembling a cross between a mole and a dragon. It has a bulky body, large, long claws made for digging, dragon scales coating its body, eyes that remain closed at all times, and completely lacks its hind legs. It is usually slow, but has an extremely fast digging speed."
this creature is generally sitting still, but once any player moves in a radius around it, it digs into the floor and erupts below a random person. Its claws can deal an enormous amount of damage, but it can be easily dodged. It has very high defenses, but doesn't have much hp.

Juggernaut Ox
"A creature that resembles a bull with a large, shield-like formation on its cranium, like a triceratops'. These creatures don't have horns, but magical crystals often grow on their shields, which leads them to get poached quite often, though they still put up quite a challenge for it. Their fur color is white, with a grayish skin underneath, and they're twice the size of a regular bull."
The definition of defensive wall. It can but ram on enemies for little damage, but is able to easily dodge and block almost everything. It is vulnerable to attacks from the back.

Also, i forgot to mention, but any ideas thrown here should be usable by anyone that reads and wants to use them, with no credit to the creator of the monster needed.
tourneyguy 6 days ago
The Terrible Gazebo!
Closely related to the Dread Gazebo. All adventurers beware!
jungle 5 days ago
Soul Stalker: --From my Night Light Campaign--
A soul stalker resembles a purely black spider about the size of a house cat, while not very strong and barely matching the agility of the average human a soul stalker's real power is in it's abilities.
Upon looking into the eyes of a soul stalker, a large headache is soon felt along with a strong memetic attack. The Soul Stalker has several ways of getting its prey to look into it's eyes, ranging from forcing them too to simply staring at them from a distance.
Due to its smaller size and eye placement it's also hard to attack a Soul Stalker directly, your best chance would be a ranged attack or a flashlight.
--A Soul Stalker is best placed in a dark area or underground and in caves where it's harder to notice, they make great enemies to just pop in before a boss or end of a journey through cavern or darker area--
johntom 3 days ago

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