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How would you play your character?

alkwyzheir Jun '19
Premise is, describe how you would often roleplay and how you build your Player Character.

I often enjoy making my character very weak, not expecting him/her to be equal to other PC, whom 80% of the time described themself, "He had trained for 20 years to become the strongest swordsman alive." Average characters is fun, but I would make my character with base traits lower than standart or make it. The personality would either go highly happy or very depressing and often lead towards female, avian-raced, and paladin setups.
trotrigar Jun '19
Usually, I make Player Characters that are extremely sarcastic from the OOC perspective. Sort of Parody characters? I mean not with the intention of trolling the table, rather make a character who totally makes no sense, and is fun to give comedic impact to the vibe of the party.

Or I'm making extremely stereotypical female/male edgelords. If it's fantasy mostly will try to focus their power on snakes or ferrets.
rlvvmc Jun '19
I fluctuate so hard in what i want to play it's almost a flavor of the week deal. Personality wise though, i tend to fall back on a few tropes, mostly clueless young adventurer, badass imposing figure or wise-ass smart guy.

Another bad habit of mine is either have characters that have no personal objectives going into the table that then acquire something as the story progresses and end up not growing too much out of that role. I kinda tend to create more NPC-leaning characters than actual characters.

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