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alkwyzheir Jun '19  /  edited Oct '19
EDIT: Check the quote from oman1666 at the end of my post.

Here are the premise:
1. You start or continue the story of whatever is written above you.
2. If the Main Character dies, you will make a new character. This way, the least liked is often the one who dies sooner. Characters can't be killed off directly (new rule)
3. Can be written however long or short you want, and doesn't have to be a direct present tense. You can do an actual RP narratives or just make a statement.

Character A jumps a cliff

Me: He forgot to bring his rope, he yelled for help and luckily leapt to a bank of river.

You: Two years later, someone punched Character A

Do it however you like :)

Quoted from oman1666:
Okay, new rule

I'm gonna throw my weight around a little, because this was a really good thread - the trouble is that half the site is trying to write an interesting part of a story and is writing in detail, whilst others are writing a variation of 'then the main character died lol' this is bad story telling.

the new rules is; You cannot directly kill off a character - only narrate their imminent doom - the next person in the thread will choose if they are killed, or find a heroic way to survive.

I'm gonna start deleting posts from the thread that just kill off whole groups of main characters for no reason.
first Jun '19
Fable, the main character wakes up in a strange world different from what he is used to, he is in the middle of a forest.
alkwyzheir Jun '19
He wondered how he got here, but that would need to wait. He got hungry after wandering around for a whole day, night has embraced him.
rlvvmc Jun '19
Fable was spooked out at Night having suddenly embraced him and struggled to free himself from her grasp but was unable to.
first Jun '19
Realizing he couldn't escape Night's embrace he slowly got accustomed to it, hell, he even started to flirt with Night.
oman1666 Jun '19
The night didn't feel that way about him, and he respected her feelings.

They grew to be good friends, and Night showed Fable how to live a good life in the darkness.

One day, they were approached by a hooded Warlock, who spoke to them in a forbidden tongue only Night was ancient enough to know.

"How would you like to help over-throw the realms of Elves and Dwarves, and plunge all the world into eternal darkness?"
alkwyzheir Jun '19
Night thought about it and explained it to Fable. He endorsed her to do what she thinks is the best, so she nodded at the warlock. The warlock's face brightened as he takes Night to their camp with Fable, who came with her after being asked nicely.

"This place does look a bit sketchy."

The camp was stationed at the end of a jungle facing a barren desert, having multiple tents and several log houses. There aren't any skulls being used as an effigy, but instead has a pig's head with a kobold in its mouth. Fable was certain that he smelled blood at every corner of each residence.

The three had arrived in the boss' room. The warlock introduced the two to his boss as Fable greeted,

"It's a pleasure to join your group. How can we help?"
trotrigar Jun '19
The boss was an old man with three head, however these heads were missing their eyes and mouth, having only a nose displayed on them, while the hair couldn't be found as it was covered with a red hood. The boss had two odd, blue midgets standing next to him with silk pillow in their hands. The boss grabs an eyeball from both pillow, and places them to the middle of the forehead of both his left and right head. After that, the midget on the right, hands them a special wooden harmonica, and holds it up to the middle head, and he begins to speak through the sound.

"Greetings. My name is Morning. We need you to slay sixteen boars in the forest, and to prove your deeds, bring one tusk from each slained boar."
alkwyzheir Jun '19
Cult Leader Morning's mission wasn't too difficult for both Night and Fable. They both have spent days hunting together in the dark forest. After waving goodbyes in the camp, they took another girl with them for their job.

THWIP! An arrow flew and shot across the forest. A boar that had been running didn't see it coming as it stabbed his eye perfectly.

"Holy mother of lord, how did you do that?" Fable ran up to the boar and examined it. For him, the scene was unbelievable. The girl he picked up had actually shot a target deadeye within 100 meter distance.

She giggled, "It wasn't that hard. My parents could do a ten times longer and faster than I do." Is that even realistic? How could someone be able to hit a target in a thousand meter distance?

Night, unamused as usual, pulls out the arrow from the boar's eyes, "She's just messing with you, Fable. She augmented her bow and used magic to cheat aiming."

"Oh." Darn.

By the way, the lass that we brought with us goes by the name of Storm. She and her mother were travelers who migrated from a different kingdom. They happened to find the cult group and asked for a place to stay, which was accepted very easily.

"So, that's like twelve boars and two parrots. It looks like we need to hunt three more parrots and a stick."

"Wha- NO! The boss said we need sixteen tusks from different boars. We need to get five more." One of the boar we killed didn't have a tusk, so we can't prove we killed it.

This is going to be a long day...
darthdracula Jun '19
Then Fable died because frost forgot to update him
trotrigar Jun '19
Then Storm killed Night out of anger.
alkwyzheir Jun '19
Storm went to find her parents and found that the camp was being raided. She managed to get a quarter of the army before running away with her parents and boss Morning.
trotrigar Jun '19
The rain fell rapidly, and God sent a message to Storm. "Collect 2 of each animals, and build an ark!"
rokor Jun '19
Storm did not believe god in his request to collect two of each animal so he scoffed and left with her parents to an unknown land, where her father died on the journey there. She continued on with her mother and finally made it to the land of no Gods... Los Vergus.
trotrigar Jun '19
God then called for Storm again...

"Didn't I tell you?! I Frickin did!"
alkwyzheir Jun '19
While Storm had been travelling to Los Vergus, the rain had never stopped from every continent and the surfaces of the planet, by the time she had reached there, the world is already flooded by the sea.

She and her mother are clinging on the last bit of mountain left unsunk as the god said that.

"Why must you do this?!" Storm shouted.

God sighed. The flood was inevitable, as even he couldn't do anything about it. His foolish brother came to visit his world and had "supposedly" decided to piss on the planet. What his stupid godly brother didn't realize, his piss is enough to flood three sizes of earth.

So there lies the faith of humanity, civilization sunk down because of a huge piss.
rlvvmc Jun '19
After the entire world sunk, God and his brother's father came back from his trip only to find the world he worked so many ages on being pissed on by one of his sons. He pulls him away and spanks him for doing that, then chews out God for not stopping his brother, then grounds them both for life. He then works for another few ages to reset the world back to square one.
tt38 Jul '19
Fable wakes up in a magical forest which seemed oddly familiar. Shortly after, a stranger knocked on his door.
alkwyzheir Jul '19
The stranger is, in fact, her stepmother, Tilly. She disguised herself in a mask and can't be identified by Fable. His stepmother took out a knife and robbed their own house for some reason.
rlvvmc Jul '19  /  edited Jul '19
Fable then killed Tilly in self defense before realizing it was his stepmother. Due to him already hating her in the first place, he felt only relief for the act.

His father, Loore, did not.

Fable then ended up fighting his father and was then killed by him in a gruesome fashion just before madness caught up with the old man. In the distance, far from this family drama, Storm and Night bicker over who gets to kill their newest target.
rutniuf Jul '19
Nacro resurrected Fable, saying it was not time for him to go.

He then swears to kill his father, Loore, and sets out to fulfill his promise to the world.
rlvvmc Jul '19
The two huntresses decided to kill their target, a necromancer named Nacro, together in the end.

Storm and Night weaved through the deadly miasma that surrounds Nacro's lair and nearly die in the mire that followed. Soon after, they've ran into Fable. He now donned black armor and new powers as well as an edgy-looking blade. He looked at Storm and Night and shrugged, passing right by them.

The two huntresses, weirded out by this, just moved on and ended up heading through Nacro's lair, full of traps and undead monsters, eventually reaching his private chamber...
trotrigar Aug '19
Then they all died.
rutniuf Aug '19  /  edited Sep '19
The sounds of a clock, ticking with every passing second.

Fable's eyes are tired, waking up from the sounds of a clock, a distant clock. He starts to stand up, he looks around.

"A familiar forest" He mumbles.
kanto5 Oct '19
Ten millenniums later, Fable, Immortal but rotting due to the sick nature of necromancy, returns to what is left of civilization, a fully synthetic and artificial world. In this new world, he stumbles upon a truck named Blob. Blob, the humble A.I. of a truck, decided to escort Fable to another world.

After a while, Fable finds himself mute and powerless, his body tired, as if he had just exited a squishy vacuum chamber.
Fable spends the next few years having an existential crisis whilst learning about this new world and the social culture of the green people who inhibit them.
rlvvmc Oct '19
Then Fable dies in a torturous manner as the remains of his body rot away.
oman1666 Oct '19  /  edited Oct '19
Okay, new rule

I'm gonna throw my weight around a little, because this was a really good thread - the trouble is that half the site is trying to write an interesting part of a story and is writing in detail, whilst others are writing a variation of 'then the main character died lol' this is bad story telling.

the new rules is; You cannot directly kill off a character - only narrate their imminent doom - the next person in the thread will choose if they are killed, or find a heroic way to survive.

I'm gonna start deleting posts from the thread that just kill off whole groups of main characters for no reason.

Let's try this again...

Fable, the main character wakes up in a strange world different from what he is used to, he is in the middle of a forest.
alkwyzheir Oct '19
The atmosphere was entirely alien to him. It didn't feel like the air from his world, that the air here feels entirely alive. The constant changes of scent and atmosphere and how it changed when he shivered made him worry.

"The world... it's alive?"

As he say that, everything froze. The tree stopped swaying, the birds froze mid-air, all air flow stopped and he no longer could smell anything.

A voice intruded Fable's mind, "Tzyr, kat'ah kuuhna ulyish ha takahna kuuhna."

The language was unfamiliar to him, but his eyes narrowed, his jaw opened, letting out a stutter.

"The world is alive..."

The graceful unmoving forest was then replaced by a living being. The trees expanded and shrink as if it were breathing air. The animals decomposed at an alarming rate, and the ground shook loudly.

In front of him, the ground was moving and formed a shame of an elder.
bustamark Nov '19
Fable was, quite understandably, pissing his pants at this point, and, like any other human male would do while faced with this scenario, he picked one of the two options in his "Fight or Flight" instincts.

Fable picked Fight.

Swiftly, Fable grabbed a random satchel that he just noticed, which seemed to have come with him when he was (presumably) sent here, and opened it, the open end facing the Elder.

A human female on a broomstick came flying out of the satchel, and obliterates the Elder via going straight through it, remarkably having no blood or guts on her person. She then flies off while cackling, leaving behind one unharmed, untouched, and very confused Fable, and a giant mass of blood and guts, which marks the past presence of the Elder.

Fable looks at the Satchel, and notices a bit of writing on a piece of paper attached to the Satchel, it says, "Property of Vech; Please Return if found!". Fable shrugs, decides that if he finds this Vech, then he'll return it, and goes off on his merry way, since the Elder obviously has no loot.

Can we really blame Fable for knocking over that oil lamp without noticing, causing the forest to completely burn up two hours after Fable left the forest, going farther East?
rutniuf Nov '19
Fable goes East, the occasional pebbles on the dirt road makes a nice break from all the nothingness of the grassy plain.

Soon, he comes upon a traveling merchant.

"Hi there," the merchant says.

Fable tries to respond, readying his throat and opening his mouth, but his voice won't come out of his mouth.

Seeing this, the merchant says...
oman1666 Nov '19
"Cat got your tongue?" the travelling merchant smirked at Fable.

"They do that around here y'know. Tongue stealing cats... evil little things. But today's your lucky day" The merchant begins to rub his hands together and smiles a greedy smile.

"I happen to have this map, to the cave of the cat king - there you'll find what they took from you. The map is yours... for just ten gold pieces"

Fable silently looks into the the Satchel of Vech and sees fifteen small gold trinkets at the bottom. He thinks it over for a moment and gives his reply...
alkwyzheir Mar '20
"Ten gold seems like a big purchase to me," Fable said. "I'm not sure I'm willing to part to these bits just for a map."

"But dearest, this map is one of a kind. Thou shall not find one like this ever." The merchant rolls up the map and flails it at each of Fable's cheeks.

Other than being annoyed, Fable guarded his face. "What's in it for me? I haven't the slightest clue if there's something valuable gained from the map."

"Thou knoweth not, the map guides thee to avoid peril and danger awaiting within the cave. With cheap of purchase, you can find the unknown treasures hidden within the cat king for hundreds of years."

The merchant tucks the map away, clicking his tongue. "Tis' a shame, but it seemeth that thou are not fated to reap great rewards."

Fable didn't buy the merchant's act. Seeing that, the merchant stutters.

"Uhm.. I can... uh, cheapen you.. tho- uh, I can cheapen the price for 8 gold."

Fable shook his head, "Not worth it. I don't have the power to delve something that dangerous."

"...uhm... damnit," the merchant scratched his chin. "I could give you a donut if you bu-"

And with an instant, Fable slammed the merchant with all gold he has.

alkwyzheir May '20
The donut was refused, and Fable had to fight a merchant just because he didn't want to sell a donut.

The merchant died, of course.
bustamark May '20
After murdering the merchant in cold blood, Fable would take the map, with the intention of giving it to whoever he thinks could successfully delve into the cave of the cat king. Donut in one hand, with his trinkets, and newly-collected donut box in Vech's satchel, he sets off further down the road.

He unfortunately didn't notice the fire he had accidently set when chucking a lit torch at the merchant (which he had stolen from said merchant) was still ablaze, which would proceed to burn and scar the grassy plain for the next decade before finally being put out. As it turns out, a torch that is lit via a magical mechanism is a very dangerous thing!
rutniuf May '20
Fable didn't know about the fire, though. Instead, he becomes a successful merchant in the capital of the human kingdom, RedBread.

Despite the wealth and fame, he still has a knack to adventure.

Finally, after a decade of trading, he gives the authority of his trading empire to a stranger on the street and sets off on the way to retrieve the Yellow Bread's Sword. The only thing that can kill the Red Bread Dragon.
ignprofessor Jun '20
Fable took off in an adventure to hunt the Red Bread Dragon. He traversed the forest on the way to Mount Tindew, where gooey green bubbly slime are often thought of as an adrenaline juice, but little did they know it is but an acidic slime that can burn fabric and can burn flesh as well.

In a bright full moon, as he is searching for a place to camp he noticed a lady in full gown humming merrily by a small pond. From afar Fable saw twinkling lights surrounded the lady, he knew they were fireflies. The lady seems to be dancing in a smooth and graceful way. Fable felt charmed towards the lady.

Meanwhile, the lady had noticed Fable. Looking behind her she noticed that he has the Yellow Bread's Sword. As if the sword is putting her in a trance.
bustamark Jun '20
Fable remembers that he's actually Gay, and decides to leave the lake in search of the Red Bread Dragon.

Yes, Fable somehow managed to set the Lake on fire.

No, he did not realize that he set the Lake on fire.
penguein Jun '20
Fable then remembers something: the Yellow Bread sword was by the Lake. Fable has a strange feeling that he might have alzheimers, but that is only natural considering his age. So then Fable journeys back to the Lake and grabs the Yellow Bread sword. "Yes, this pleases me.", Fable says.
By the way, the Yellow Bread sword is a fossilied baguette.

Whilst heading towards the Dragon's cave, Fable happens upon some of the green slimes that lurk and prey on the weak that wander through the path to the Dragon. Fable valiantly swings his new sword at them, unknowing about the slime's acidic properties. Fable obliterates the slimes with ease, but when he looks on his sword again, he realises the outer layer of his sword, the stone crust, has dissolved. Left with but a regular baguette, he has little choice but to eat it in preparation for the Dragon's fight.

He enters the RedBread cave. Immediately upon entering, he feels something grumbling in his stomach.. Suddenly, images flash through his mind. Images of famous people baking bread, the kind that you see on the TV at midnight, the kind that try to advertise their phony products to you. Fable feels a rush of euphoria in his mind. The world wobbles up and down and spins around, his heart rate increases and his vision sharpens. Fable feels invincible!
He begins his rampage through the RedBread cave.
alkwyzheir Jun '20
With the sheer positivity of baguette and breadcrumbs, it didn't take longer than an hour for Fable to waltz to the end. The Red Bread Dragon has been waiting for him at the top of the bread hill.

Strangely enough, everything inside the last room is cereal theme mixed with dairy. There's the milk lamp that fuels on dairy; there's a cheese cannon filled to the brin; there's yogurt lava surrounding the edge of the room, melting fiercely. So many cereal things combined with wheat flour and a massive amount of red bread stacked up like a mountain... which the Red Dragon is laying on while eating cream and... uh... macaronies?

"Ugh, this is awful...," Fable said.

The dragon makes an intimidating opening. "You are right to be afraid, for I, Gyral, the Red Bread Dragon, am a mighty dragon that has destroyed hundreds of cities, slayed thousands of man, and the best of all... have eaten twelve thousand kilos of cheesecakes. Fear me, mortal!"

"AAAAH! Not the cheesecakes!" Fable shrieked in horror, glaring at the Red Dragon in anger. "You monster... how could you have done this?"

Fable takes out his... his... what was he taking out again? Before he knew it, instead of wielding the Yellow Bread Sword, he was holding a large leek stick.

"Wait... wasn't I suppose to..." Fable thought for a moment before deciding to go with it. He reminded himself to get checked for Alzheimers.

"--gasp-- You have taken out the Yellow Bread Sword? How foolish," the Red Dragon said in a monologue without paying attention. "...a foolish man doomed to a foolish life. You are a fool, for you know what? All the rumors about that darned sword is my weakness... was all a lie! The brilliant me had come to enlightenment of which I can fool the best of people with mere gossip from my bread minions... you must feel horrible right now? Yeah? The image of your eyes widen as you realize your own doom sates my greed of--"

Before the Red Dragon went any further, he realized that Fable was holding something else entirely.

"of... the... HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!" the Red Dragon's voice shook loudly throughout the cave as loaves of bread started falling from the ceiling. "How did you know Leek Sword is my true weakness? Mortal... no, whoever you are... what are you playing at here?"

Fable grins as he said...
rutniuf Jul '20
"Thank The Order for giving me the Leek Sword." He charges forward.

The Red Bread Dragon tried to run away, but Fable's attack is faster. He pierced his Leek to the Dragon's heart and yanks it out. The heart dangling on the end of the sword while the body falls into the lavalicious yogurt, burning it.

He eats the Dragon's heart, for the rumors said that it will give immortality and the ability of Breadmancy, a rare ability only possessed by true warriors of the Order. His throat feels like it burns a thousand degrees as he swallows it.

Before he knew what was happening, he collapsed on the floor, not knowing the Lake Lady from before watched him from the entrance of the lair.
penguein Oct '20
Fable awakens in a bed in an unfamiliar place. Lake Lady comes into the room. He has been knocked out for a week. He learns that Lake Lady has been taking care of him.

After having her lake burned down, Lake Lady had no more home to return to, and she could not even take vengeance because did not know who caused the fire. Through a moderately advanced turn of events, she had entered the Dragoncave and found Fable. She dragged him out of there, disintegrated the local hunter and broke into his hut so they could have a place to rest.

They get married and live happily ever after. THE END
alkwyzheir Sep '22
= = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = =
Season 2
= = = = = = = = = = = =

(It's been a while bois, and I still liked this forum, so I wanna see how we can do things differently. Let's give it a shot, okay?)

Sometime, somewhere in the near future, there was an old hut which roof is covered with snow. It has been decades ever since Glade has returned to this place, and once he returns, a nostalgic feeling bursts out of his chest. He could remember all of the times he stayed here, played with his grandfather and enjoyed the scenery. The mountains looked pretty amazing when the day is clear.

Glade entered the hut and felt warmer by each second. On the immediate right of him, was an old person who is on his deathbed.

"Grandpa...," Glade mutters.

Grandpa Fable had many strange stories, and all of them were exciting to hear, so Glade always come here whenever he had a chance. But sadly, upon a trifle with his family, he was pulled away from his grandfather for a long time. To see that his grandfather has lived here alone for a decade...

It hurts.

"Grandpa Fable!" Glade says once more, trying to get a response.

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