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Favorite Table/Session Archives

alkwyzheir Sep '19
"Here be yours truly,
your favored sessions logged in your GM's chatlogs,
logs so good, you would re-read the chatlogs a few times over,
as yours and yours truly, forever memorized, forever ruly."

I've recently been interested in reading chatlogs of any sessions that I haven't played at. It got me thinking, "Reading all of this is a mess." You all get what I mean: Lots of OOC chats, preemptive end of session, and too much battle sessions. That's good to experience in scene, but not as a history, kinda.

To summarize, I'm looking for sessions that's readable enough that could pass as novel-like literature in Fabletop. If you people have any good sessions or table, please do reply here with the link (also provide a brief description of what the table is). If the session was so good, wouldn't it be great for outsiders to enjoy it also with you? Haha,
(please do im desperate)

*There isn't any format to reply to this.
rlvvmc Sep '19
i'm not entirely sure since i didn't check them myself, but i think trotrigar's and plotspider's campaigns may be fun to read through.
mylittlepony Sep '19
i'm too lazy to go through entire sessions right now but the two pinned logs with Kieran on rlv's table are some that i still go through
trotrigar Oct '19
Beau's medfan table was golden
bustamark Nov '19
My table has a lot less battle and a lot more story than what other tables have, I feel, but I private them all because the lols. I'm talking about the Original Prolux, BTW.

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