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nella Jan '20
Um... hi :)
I have has a lot of support for my ref pics that i draw, so I would like to open requests. If you would like one please respond with details and or another ref pic you would like me to redraw and alter to fit your description. Im not sure if I will be able to get to everyone, but i will try my best. ^_^
redriot Jan '20
Smoke: a superhero with the ability to turn his body into gas. Hes a police officer and uses police issue bullet proof vest in his costume as well as a c50 gas mask. The rest of his suit is black tactical cargo pants, combat boots, teeshirt and gloves. He's young and tall with a slightly athletic build and handsome features. Due to his power his eyes and hair is grey
rlvvmc Jan '20
just a tip: When using the magic wand tool to select an area, change the setting so it selects an additional pixel into the line. Will help avoid those white pixels in the middle of the colors.
skepiboo1 Jan '20
Dwayne: Military Fatigues green camo, green beret on head, black eyes, muscular appearance, sharp and professional look. Also has black hair and is tall with a revolver on hand.

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