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Saving your table

dodan 15 days ago
Can we add a feature where you can save your entire table, or seperate floors, so you could hold on to tables. I dont know how hard it would be to implement, but heres my idea.
lets say it'd be some format, for instance a .txt. it saves what size of floor it is, what tile number it is on the grid (lets say each tile on the grid has a number) and what name it has to /load or /list.
Is this possible, or been asked for often? couldn't find anything bout it and frankly, i lost 4hr of work and i'd like to make it again and then just save, export and import my maps.

Hope to see this feature in the future
greenranger9 15 days ago
There is the /save thing, that saves to your cookies.
dodan 15 days ago
can you like, save the cookies?
oman1666 14 days ago
So the /save and /load features let you save and load locally.

This save is done to your browser cache. So won't work on different devices or a different browser, and can even be erased if you clear your cookies or internet history.

Unfortunately there is no known way to save across devices. With all development requests, I feel the need to remind the community that Fabletop is a labour of love by a single dude (Frost) who also has a full time job. It's therefore unlikely for big changes, such as how saving works, to be implemented.
dodan 14 days ago
didn't know it was a one man show, but i'll keep that in mind then. might need to find a way to save cookies or cache then
rutniuf 14 days ago
If you do, please post it here. I'd like to know as well.
dodan 13 days ago  /  edited 13 days ago
basically dont delet your cookies? ill check mozillas files of theres a cookie file. doubt it tho
edit: i found a file called cookiess.sqlite that is a file you can take and pull over through files. I'm trying to find out if it also automatically adapts to a new folder if put in it.

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