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Update - Graphics

frost Apr '20
Hello Minions,

Just a heads up that I updated a lot of the graphics on the site to a higher resolution, in order to look better on higher density displays (retina, etc).

This should also fix the "blurry" bug on scaled up miniatures on lower density screens.

This update includes a lot of small improvements to contrast/readability, and a few style changes. (e.g. the dice)

There will probably be more tweaks in the next month or so. Please let me know if anything is broken.

quinndjinn Apr '20
This is so great. I feel loved. Thanks frost and FT team!
wifi Apr '20
Hey frost. Could you add the option to delete saved mats? I find it that I name mats things that I regret naming later.

Besides that, a big thank you for this update!
pyrak Apr '20  /  edited Apr '20
The new tab icon looks sharp, I love it.
And the dice look fantastic.

The "shadow" vs "light" on the dice corners make the dice look a little funny due to the light end being a lot less distinguishable from the face of the dice.

FYI, it would be nice to be able to exit table modding mode without making the changes, or a "reset" that set the mat to look like what it did when you opened the edit battlemat function (otherwise it's either reload the page, save it beforehand or try to get the mat set as it was)

Oh, also I think the chat's nicer without the fade away at the top.
oman1666 Apr '20
@wifi this is an existing feature type /delete and the name of the scene you want to delete.

It's so strange seeing different dice graphics after all this time, but still great to know things are being worked on.
jervaj Apr '20
Nice updates overall! Lovin to see the site updating and even new minis!

I have to agree with pyrak on the dice thing thouh. Due to the black background, the corners of the die been darker makes them less visible and the dice to look a bit weird. Not a huge deal as the visibility of the result its great. Just that, specially in the darker colours, it feels as if they were not cubes.

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