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What someone's FT username says about them?

alkwyzheir 5 days ago
Premise simple. If you are interested in sharing what your impression on a player's username, go ahead and let it out. You can tell one or more impressions from any players. I'll start.
(What I'm saying is, what you think players are when you saw their name for the first time.)

Oman1666 - Some kind of a master at Sahara Desert.
Honigdachs - Sweden guy.
biggiOS - Big Fish Games.
Bluephoenix - Some asian dude.
oman1666 4 days ago
Oman1666 - that I am an edgelord
Alkwyzheir - a German alchemist.
verysadgirl 4 days ago
deusvult - Glorious Crusader memes
alkwyzheir 2 days ago
Vechmaster - Sci-fi-esque Master Chief x Commander Shepherd.
Mylittlepony - A guy wearing a MLP shirt everyday.
Verysadgirl - Sarcastic Brooklyn girl.
Deathwatcher - That sniper guy in XCOM 2.
trotrigar 2 days ago
Alkwyzheir - plays a lot of pokemon on nintendo
oman1666 - "oman" was taken. Probably used Nemo1999 as a kid.
Verysadgirl - very sad girl
Trotrigar - typical hungarian
Vechmaster - Must be an engineer or a programmer
Kingslypop - Must be drawing cartoons, must be coming from a medieval noble family.

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