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What players would be as a food/drink

alkwyzheir 25 days ago
Simple premise as always, and hopefully not too messy. Pick whoever you want, as many as you want, and imagine them as a type of meal or a drink.

Alkwyzheir - Fancy cooked eggs
Trotrigar - Tiger bacon
Honigdachs - Chocolate fountain
Vechmaster - French Pizza
Oman1666 - That fancy one spoon meal in a 5 star restaurant
Edward - Black cofee (with a dot)
Pyrak - MRE
Ladysarin - Eastern rice cake
verysadgirl 25 days ago
trotrigar - Vodka
zomb - Monster Energy
thekrakenpup - Extremely dense fruitcake
fremkun - Thc laced edibles
nella - Way too sweet cookies
meepowolf - Fresh cabbages
verysadgirl - Wiener Schnitzel

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