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Mobile compatibility suggestions

duskwolf Aug '15
Now a days I find my self more and more on my phone and less and less on my computer. I just basically don't have time to sit down. The site and game work great on mobile, I just had two suggestions that might improve things for mobile users of the site.

1) An edit button. Most mobile users don't have and arrow pad to push up with. So maybe a little button in the UI that does the same thing?

2) No sleep. I was wondering if there was a way to keep your screen from sleeping while in a game. Like how a video would keep your screen from going to a screen saver even though you have not touched anything in an hour. My phone screen sleeping is the main reason I DC.
n2ck Aug '15
You can overcome 2) easily with the built-in settings for now. In iOS and Android there's an option to turn sleep off.
sakaiichiiro Aug '16
I don't want to create a new topic right now because I'm not sure if I should post this on bug reports, but I don't have a computer anymore and when I'm playing in mobile, I always get DC'd a lot, and I know it's not problems with my connection... I use Chrome and my Android version isnt that old.
megapizza May '19
Same here

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