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Mobile app

averybothwel Jan '14
While we thank frost for everything that he has done for us with Fabletop, some of us have limited access to computers, and more access to mobile devices. While playing on mobile web browsers works, it can be difficult to use. This forum is a petition (well, really discussion) for a Fabletop mobile app. Tell the rest of us what you think!
joltflame Jan '14  /  edited Jan '14
This has already been brought up. The game works fine on mobile. I'll try to find the thread where this was mentioned before.
joltflame Jan '14
I can't find the thread, but I do believe that frost explicitly said that an app wasn't necessary
rolandhawke Jan '14
Could be a neat idea though. With it's own format and twist
elias02 Jan '14
i agree it could be nice but its not worth the effort
rossvarn Jan '14
There's no effort necessary. Fabletop is completely portable to all devices, even your e-reader. Frost put a lot of work into making sure that was true.
ninjaxio Feb '14  /  edited Feb '14
What? It works okay, but "completely portable to all devices"? Yeah, sure I guess because you can log in and stuff but chat does not seem to work properly. Pushing enter just results in line break, I can't send a message.
megapizza May '19
If I try to join any table on mobile, doesn't load in any way
alkwyzheir Jun '19
@megapizza Probably means you can't get a stable network through your mobile device.
lokiodinson Jun '19
I have numerous issues on mobile browsers. Long story short, a mobile application would be extremely useful to mobile browser users, but isn't at all necessarily. I personally would enjoy it, but doubt it will actually happen.

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