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Sorry, connection dropped

doomweaver13 May '16
"Sorry, connection dropped. Please refresh.
Error: send/Unauthorized"

The message above has bothered me to death for almost a week now.
Whether i am playing, or chatting, even when im just hanging out in the mystic glade this keeps popping up and disconnects me.

I;m guessing my internet connection is partly to blame for this type of problem but the thing is, I can usually do just about anything with my internet connection (watch videos online, stream movies, play online games).

At the time i am typing this I am currently checking if i have the same connection issues with other websites (youtube, facebook, playing Dota on steam etc). No such problems connection wise...


I keep having this problem. I consistently encounter days where even connecting to Mystic Glade is completely impossible.

Fix pls?

My browser version is: (do not change)
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/50.0.2661.102 Safari/537.36
avinash May '16  /  edited May '16
Same thing here. Just noticed that it got a lot worse though. I literally cannot join the Glade or the other active table currently on. Only difference I noticed is that instead of "Error: send/Unauthorized" I get "Error: long_poll/Unauthorized".

My internet is pretty damn good, so that's definitely not a problem. The only reason I hesitated to start a thread for this, was because the problem was too common, and the information given was pretty vague. Seemed like a generic error message.
I'm using Mozilla Firefox 46.0.1 and running Windows 7 64-bit.

Edit: So it took me a few tries, but after rapidly switching back on forth from the glade, and only table open, I managed to get in, so I guess that's the most I can do for now.
doomweaver13 May '16
I still cant access the Glade and other tables (even my own!) Glad to know someone aside from me is trying to find the root of the problem.

I am not aking for a perfect connection or an immediate fix. But i do hope that gradually the servers can be more "forgiving" when it comes to connections.

thnx avinash for voicing your experience regarding this.
clause May '16
Me too.
frost May '16
Sorry about that. The networking code is definitely something I need to rewrite at some point to be more reliable. Unfortunately, it'll be a lot of work, though.
doomweaver13 May '16
No problem frost. Thank you so much sir for looking in to this issue.
kraukrau Jan '17
Please help.
I'm new here and I'm experiencing this problem. Does "long_poll: Unauthorized" means my profile wasn't authorized to join? Or is there something I possibly missed? Like account verification or something?
oman1666 Jan '17
@Kraukrau You don't need to authorise your account, the error message means you've got a poor connection to the Fabletop server. Lots of people experience it quite often and all of us experience it from time to time, just refresh the page and try again :)
palegeon Feb '17
If you are experiencing the problem it may help to close all other applications, windows, and tabs outside of essential ones. The more memory being used (whether it's internet data, processing, or RAM capacity) the more likely you are to encounter an error.

If that doesn't work, then the rest of the reasons are out of your control. So if you continue to experience these, be sure to give fair warning to others during games. Most importantly remember that no connection, device, or person is immune to Connection Dropped and Long-Poll errors. It can affect anyone and everyone. You are not alone.

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