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Masks of Valrah

deathpainter Jan '17  /  edited Jan '17
The lands of Regolith are similar to ones on Earth with varying regions and landscapes. The main difference between them is that on Regolith, it is a single, massive Pangea with long fingers of land wrapping around the whole planet. With the exploration of the expansive seas came artificial islands, either ruled/taken over by gangs or merchants. The wealthy are located mostly in the center of the land, in the middle of vast cities and strongholds.

Common humanoid races in Regolith are humans, elves (different subraces depending on the region), dwarves, and orcs. Rarities include halflings and fauns, both hunted for various reasons such as stuffed trophies and the interestingly natural salty gaminess of fauns' legs. The rare races often live in seclusion to save their hides (pun intended?), though many cities have long since banned the hunting of such species.

The view on magic in Regolith truly depends on the town. While the town of Illore is solely based on the study, skill, and perfection of magic, it is punishable by death in Orntric. Besides a few pacifist areas, fights are common and many men are trained at birth to fight to prepare for an ancient prophecy, telling of gods/goddesses falling to Regolith to judge to heroes of the land.

Bonus Traits:
1. Class related trait
2. Race related trait
3. Random trait (i.e. hobby or education)

List these in the description section of your sheet:

List these in the notes section of your sheet:
Any items/weapons
avinash Feb '17
Hello and welcome to the forums. Your game is all and welcome, but you should repost this on your table forum for ease of access.

To access your table's forum, go to your table. Look in the chatbox and at the top there are three tabs. Open the info tab. This will open a submenu directly below with three links. Your table forum is on the appropriate link.

I hope you found this useful. Enjoy.

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