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Runeghost's The Adventure Story

runeghost 14 days ago  /  edited 13 days ago
Based on the bestseller's series, Adventures Wanted. Adventurer's may journey on quests accepted from the Adventure Shop. After walking through the arch, they begin their quest. The arch leads to countless worlds in countless of positions. Medieval fantasy.

:: Past Quests ::

:: Dwarf Overlord ::
-An Overlord took over a militant fortress, brainwashing the army and its commander into servitude. Due to the efforts of many adventurers, the Overlord was defeated. At great expense to the brainwashed dwarves.


:: Current Quests ::

:: Bandit Hostage Situation ::
-Bandits have ransacked a village. Responders found that only a small amount of the villagers were left in the village. The said bandits have been reported going into the savanna wastelands. The goal of this quest is to rescue the hostages first and foremost. Secondary objective is to punish the bandits for their evil doing.

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