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The Guardians of Fabletop

frost Mar '17
As of today, I'm no longer managing the Fabletop community.

In my place, three community members have been granted moderator powers. They will do what they can to keep Fabletop a positive and enjoyable place for roleplaying.

The Spirits of the Glade declare the new Guardians of Fabletop:

* oman1666 (lead)
* ferhargo
* vechmaster

They have all been here a long time, and truly get what Fabletop is about. Based on my conversations with them, I have complete trust that they will do a great job.

When it comes to community management, there's never a way to make everyone happy. You might at some point disagree with one of their decisions, especially if they end up banning someone who you game with.

The important thing is to always remain civil and keep things in perspective. Avoid gossip and conspiracy theories and other clique-like behavior. We might not all agree on everything, but we are here for the same purpose.

The Code of Conduct remains the same. If you haven't read it recently, now is a great time to read over it again. =)

Welcome Guardians!

And thanks to everyone in advance for your cooperation.

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