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Base Stat Character Creation?

megapixels Apr '17
Hey guys, I'm planning on doing a table soon, but I was wondering if anyone had any good Base Stat rules and stuff. Things like awareness and bluff. Might, Wisdom and Agility are good, but they only allow for certain things. If anyone has something like that, please tell me!
mylittlepony Apr '17  /  edited Apr '17
you may already know this, but Chem's system is great, [mod edit] though you should probably ask to use it
oman1666 Apr '17
Might, Agility and Wisdom cover everything - read the subsections underneath them. For example, awareness / perception falls under wisdom, as does bluff for speech.

the idea of Fabletop is that Might, Agility and Wisdom doesn't just mean strength, speed, smarts, they're much more general. Part of the job of the GM is to determine which of the 3 traits are most applicable for the roll.

Before trying out other systems, try hosting by the Fabletop rules (this is Fabletop after all) :)

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