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How to transfer maps across computers

quentin May '17

I recently found out a way to transfer my saved maps across different computers and I thought others might like it too.

What you need to get is the local storage files.
I use Chrome with a PC and a Mac but the idea is the same for all browsers.

- On PC, you get to Chrome local storage folder with: %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\U Data\Default\Local Storage

- On a Mac, it's under:
~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Local Storage

There, you need to copy these two files: ,

Their sizes are quite small (think kilobytes) so you can keep those on a flash disk or on your Google Drive etc. or even mail to yourself.

You just need to paste these files to the new computer, to the same path as before.

And just like that, you moved your saved maps to a new device. Hope this helps.

oman1666 May '17
I think I speak for the entire website, nay, the entire world, when I say you are the single greatest hero of the 21st Century.

When, like all British people, I go for my tea and crumpets with the Queen this thursday I shall insist that she at once knights thee.
crisisking22 May '17
is there a method for mobile devices? And i don't know why i am replying to a 2 week old thread.
ghostie Jun '17
My hero!
jediofrealms Jun '17
I love you Quentin.

Can the mods sticky this thread?
oman1666 Jun '17
Not much point in stickying it. Your default view of the forums is 'latest' first, you'd have to click on the 'Fabletop' or 'Report a bug' links at the side first and I don't know how many people do that.

Also, the current stickies are things like 'terms of use' and 'introduce yourself' - this doesn't really seem to be in the same category at this.
daveslasher Jul '17
Does anybody know where are the maps stored if i use firefox?

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