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El'Sallia Chronicles: How to Play

rlvvmc 21 days ago
Character Creation:
In the description box you need to inform me of(if it has a *, the it's obligatory, else it's optional):
->Can be either Human,Elf, Half-elf or Half-Demon. Explained later on.
->There are four paths the party can select during the adventure, each character however is naturaly afiliated with one of them, and may get special interactions if they follow that path. The afiliations are: Light, Imperial, Chaos and Independant.
Weapon and Armor appearance:
The traits are disregarded, the bonus traits however can be either 2 +1's or 1 +2. You can choose up to two stats they add dice to.
In the notes box, you are to put your stats as well as your items and inventory. Fluff equipment, refered to as cosmetic equipment, will also go here. The actual equipment that changes stats can be used, but if the player wants, the cosmetic equipment can still be the one the characters are seen wearing. Inventory is handled in a different way, you need to unlock slots by buying them, getting rewardaded by them, or finding them post-battle. Consumables(like potions) stack, not using extra spaces. Example:
-----Cometic Equipment-----
[Slot 1]
[Slot 2]
[Slot 3]
[Slot 4]
[Slot 5]
[Slot 6]
(more slots can be had)
rlvvmc 21 days ago  /  edited 21 days ago
-----°Base ammount of dice°-----
The base ammount of dice for any roll is 3.
The stats in this RP are:
Health: Instead of using life, this rp uses hp, who is shown in tags that are updated by the GM.
Mana: The ammount of magic reserve you have to cast spells. Works the same way as Health, when it comes to keeping track of it.
Strenght: Adds to the ammount of dice used in physical attacks, both ranged and melee.
Spellpower: Adds to the ammount of dice used in spells. Is also rolled to determine the effectiveness of healing spells.
Defense: Removes dice from physical rolls, both melee and ranged.
Resistance: Removes dice from spells roll.
Movement: Ammount of tiles you can move.
---But how do they work?
each stat adds or removes dice depending on what value they are, each stat has a soft cap of 50, except Health and Mana, who's soft caps are 100.
For offensive stats(Strenght and Spellpower):
If the stat is 0-10, add 0 dice
If the stat is 11-20, add 1 dice
If the stat is 21-30, add 2 dice
If the stat is 31-40, add 3 dice
If the stat is 41-50, add 4 dice
If the stat is above the softcap(due to an item or buff), Then:
Every 8 aditional points, add 1 dice.
For defensive stats(Defense, Resistance):
If the stat is 0-15, remove 0 dice
If the stat is 16-29, remove 1 dice
If the stat is 30-37, remove 2 dice
If the stat is 38-47, remove 3 dice
If the stat is 48-50, remove 4 dice.
If the stat is above the softcap(due to an item or buff), Then:
Every 10 aditional points, add 1 dice.
Exception for defensive stats:
There exists weapons that ignore defense or resistance, as such, if you're using one, the defenses are ignored.
In this rp, before any encounter ensues, an intermission happens, in it player can buy items, equip themselves for the task and choose their starting location in the battlefield. Once all players are ready, the intermission ends and the battle begins
-----°Segmented Battles°-----
Some battles are going to be segmented, these work like different acts of the same stage, however, there are no intermissions between them.
-----°Battle Classes°-----
A battle class determines the capability of a player during battle, for example: if you are a pirate, you can walk unhindered through water tiles, this however doesn't affect the way you choose to attack. A starting battle classes are determined by the quiz. each class has a different class tree, your starting class as Tier 1, and you can class up to Tier 4. Every time you reach level 10, you are to choose another class from two options. Depending on your quiz answers, i will select two of the Tier 4 classes to add a T5 class to go after it, they the most powerful classes of the tree. The starting classes are: Fighter, Priest, Knight, Pirate and Warlock.
In this rp, choices will matter a lot, as they will determine which path and afiliation your party is going to end up taking. Character's lives, whole countries and what the continent is going to end up with are up to you.
rlvvmc 21 days ago
The most populous race in El'Sallia, the continent is littered with human cities, the biggest being the city of Berhardian, the capital of the empire, named after their most succesful kaiser. The humans live in a state of war, mostly due to the empire's actions, many kingdoms have formed an alliance between eachother to fight off the empire, however, the ones who still stand are few and weakened.
--->The Empire: Destructive and relentless, the empire, lead by Kaiser Harthmur, seek to unit the continet by power. Due to the massive armies, the Kaiser split their control into divisions, them being the Red Dragon Riders, the regiment that commands cavalry and air fighters, the Blue Dragon Navy, responsible for combat at sea, the Green Dragon Infantry, responsible for ground combat troops, and the Black Dragon Sorcerors, responsible for mages and healers. Although the empire's domains live in peace, it's a peace kept by oprresion, the taxes they input lead to poverty and the kaiser cares little for the weak, as he believes only the strong should exist.
Almost as common as humans, the elves only diferentiation are their ears and their slightly higher stature. The elves live hand-to-hand with humans, living in the same cities and villages. Major cities of the elves are very hard to come by, being kept in secret from anyone that doesn't know their location, they have however shared some of their locations with the alliance, as they too are agaisnt the empire. Humans an Elves are able to have descendants, creating Half-Elves, which are a mix of their caracteristics.
The demons are not a race per say, they are more of a aglomerate of different beings that seem to live in a society of clans. The most populous clan of the demons is known as Dantallion, which are what you think of when it comes to mentioning demons, the male ones have red or blue skin, sporting horns, hooves and wings and have an affinity for melee combat and are very resistant to magic. The female ones are more... seductive, having a body resembling a scadily clothed women, with horns and large wings, they are also very good with spells, being that their role if they ever come to fight. The female Dantallion can have children with humans, creating a half-demon, Half-demons have small horns that are almost unnoticeable due to the hair, a skin harder than a humans and have a natural affinity for combat. Unlike most people seem to think, the demons are not all evil, most of them just want to live peacefuly, with or without the other races.
oman1666 21 days ago
Hi. This is table specific. It does not belong in the main forum. Please move this to your table forum, I'll be deleting the thread shortly.

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