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daretobe Jun '17
I have hundreds of characters, and I barely play any of them. So, I started clearing them out, not needing them. I encountered several issues because of this.

First, you can't even load all of your characters at once, and having to delete 5 at a time, and then refresh your page to load more is very time consuming.

This is not the only place that you can't load your full lists. In your inbox, you can only load a set amount of messages. You can delete some of them, and then it shows some of your past messages, so there is proof they are there. But that can not be done with sent messages.

When sending Information about games, being on mailing lists, and contacting your players is a large part of how you play and get organized, having your full inbox would be helpful.

And sort of more importantly, it removed one of my treasures. I am not trying to be vain, but I do enjoy seeing my achievements in FT on my profile. I had the "Played with 100 Gms" which is a rather rare treasure to see people have. As I deleted characters, suddenly that treasure poofed.

It kinda sucked that I had my treasure taken away for simply deleting old characters.

Which raises a more concerning question. With the number of players on FT on the rise, and the number of character's I have made over the years. (What sparked me deleting characters was my 20+ characters I had on triclopyr's table) And have seen evidence on Oman's table, is the lack of names available to get. With oman's 800+ followers, each with having possibly several characters, the name pool will dry out quickly.

And simply put, if people will lose treasure for removing characters, then no one ever will, thus the name pool dries up even further.

Just some stuff to think about, and while I know Vechmaster has also had the problem of losing treasure, I want to see what everyone else thinks.
caja Jun '17
If I can keep this short and sweet, I agree with dare. This is something that really irritates me as I don't want to go through this whole thing, I DON'T want a clogged up roster(which may crash my account), and I don't want to delete characters I'm fond of just to search for one I just made. I know this may be a huge project but it's worth putting on the list.
frost Jun '17
I agree that it's something that is need of fixing sooner than later. Thanks for bringing it up.

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