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Forum threads vanishing

jediofrealms Jun '17

So I had 2 more CUBE threads sticked over 2 days ago. But when I started working on SLASHER, they vanished.

I'm always having problems with the forums and there has never been a user guide on here I can find on how to work on the forums. From caps lock not working half the time.

How can I recover lost forum threads?

I found the forums in the links on my info tab, but they don't appear in the forums themselves style="border-top:dashed 1px #aaa; width: 75%; margin: 30px 0px">

My browser version is: (do not change)
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/59.0.3071.86 Safari/537.36
oman1666 Jun '17
Whilst I don't know for certain what's going on here, I suspect it's something to do with the number of visible threads Fabletop can display at a time. Just a quick glance at you table forum show's that it's rather full. It could also be a very similar problem, but specifically on the number of sticky threads you can have at one time.

One solution might be to take everything relating to a single game and put it into a long single forum.

You can use special characters to make sub headings in bold to make this massive forum easier to navigate. I am trying to demonstrate it but Fabletop keeps turning it into actual bold print! It's [ b ] and [ / b ] but without any spaces, either side of a piece of text. :)
jediofrealms Jun '17
Thanks Oman. I know how to make bold stuff. But I suspected it might be the number of forum threads. So I was planning on deleting some to see if that fixes anything.

Do you know why some threads will be in capitals (SLASHER), while others wont (Slasher). I can't figure this out.
jediofrealms Jun '17
I deleted 6 threads and still can't find my missing threads.
oman1666 Jun '17
Again, not 100% sure, but regarding caps: Fabletop has a filter that turns a long message in all caps into a message in lower case, but allows shorter phrases to be in block caps. Perhaps this is why some are being changed to lower case?

If the threads are still missing, then that sounds like a bug to me. Hopefully Frost will find the time to look this over at some point soon :)
hustle Jun '17  /  edited Jun '17
Alternatively, to expound upon Oman's explanation, there's an inverse rule where the FT filter seems to take phrases that include both capitalized and lowercase words and throw them all down to lower case depending on length.

So where some of the forum title are "TITLE: Word Word Word Word", others are "TITLE: Word Word", and it looks like the shorter titles are the ones being thrown to lowercase letters.

My guess is that "SLASHER", being seven letters, is over the character count to allow for a capitalized word unless followed by a long enough phrase in proper case, here being one of the longer forum titles. I'll bet if you entitled one of them "SLASHER: Kill Scene Mechanics" instead of "SLASHER: Kill Scene" it would work.

If that doesn't work... My vote would be bug.
jediofrealms Jun '17
Thanks for the replies guys or gals, I don't know you irl. I've been able to get my 10 stickied threads for the 2 games I run up and good. So I will just condense more threads into 1 single forum post. I JUST LIKE BEING DETAILED.

I'm still missing my simple fable stuff. But gonna lock this thread now. I hope FROST Will check it out at some point. THANKS!
frost Jul '17
Hi, I just updated the forum:

1) Threads are now in order of most recent reply date.
2) Forums show the last 250 posts. Hopefully that's enough for now.
3) Stickies show the last 30 stickies.

Let me know how it works out.
jediofrealms Jul '17
Ooh that is fantastic. THANKS!

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