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KingofHearts' Game Stuff

kingofhearts 27 days ago
3 starting classes:
(PM me for hybrid classes)

Stats will be set up like this:
All stats start at one. The player allocates points to each stat.
Starting points: 25 (each can hold 11 at a time)

S: strength (how much one can lift and how hard to hit)
P: persuasion (ability to convince monsters to your side and gain better prices)
E: endurance (ability to take hits and run for extended periods of time)
A: Agility (ability to sneak and leap)
K: knowledge (ability to learn the mystic arts)
C: corruption (ability to corrupt)
R: Righteousness (resistance to evil influence)

Starting inventory is based on class:
Starting Inventory:
Slot 1:(For mages, staff)(for thieves, dagger)(for warriors, sword)
Slot 2:(for mages, robe)(for thieves, leather armor)(for warriors, iron armor)
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

All classes:
Passive 1:
Passive 2:

Only mages(or hybrid classes)
Spell 1:
Spell 2:
Spell 3:
Spell 4:
oman1666 27 days ago
This is game specific - so it goes in your table forum, not the main forum :) I'll give you a chance to move it, but will then be deleting this thread.

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