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Dealing with trolls

okkie Jun '17

I've got a bit of a problem with hosting.

Three of my friends found out about my 'fabletopping' and they spent a lot of their time spamming me and the games I were playing to convince me to play Dota with them instead.

They followed me on FT to ensure that they'll be notified if I host... I wanted to know if anyone had the power to remove them from my following or I would like an admin's permission to break the 'one account' rule so I can set up a host account for myself.

Thank you,
hustle Jun '17
You can ban them from your table in the meantime.
oman1666 Jun '17
Sorry - the 'one account rule' need to stay a strict rule for various behind the scenes reasons.

If your friends aren't at all interested in playing Fabletop and are using the site just to troll and harass, let me know their names below and I'll issue them an official warning, leading to a potential ban from the entire site if they persist in this behaviour.

Regards, on behalf of the mod team

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