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Honor Mechanic: Is it a good idea

jediofrealms 20 days ago
SO I'm debating including something like this in my future games on here.

I would like feedback from the community on if this is a good idea or not. I know character karma, morality level, honor, etc. Whatever associated label you wanna call it by is always dicey in roleplaying games. It also seems highly comical to assign a game mechanic to a subject so abstract as "morality".

But I like everyone else, at some point gets into a morality argument in a game rather in character or out of character.

So maybe a rewards based mechanical point system is a good idea? What are you thoughts? Good or Bad.

Thank You!
frost 19 days ago
I think it's an interesting idea, as long as it's an important element of your game world. Some players need the extra nudge of a mechanic like that to get beyond the usual adventurer mindset of seeking loot and power.

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