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Tips for making a wrestling game?

daveslasher Jul '17
Hi, im opening this topic just to ask for some tips to make a wrestling game session, the most i know about sports roleplay and board game is that most of the actios are solved with dice rolling, some more and i mean MORE specified like the american football games but still if possible i want to make the game more simple to let the roleplay to flow more.
oman1666 Jul '17
Life long wrestling fan here, and I've hosted a wrestling table in the past.

Wrestling is fake - so my game was less of a PvP contest and more about the players working together to tell a story in the ring. I had some, but not all, moves require a roll to see if it can be executed safely (I.e. rolling to properly hit the mat) with 1 damage being taken on fail. 0 life would result in an injury that would end the match in a no-finish and send the crowd home unhappy, so players had to work together and protect each other, just like in real wrestling.
daveslasher Jul '17
So, its a booking and working togheter like in those fantasy wrestling forums and those made to work with that online mmo "the wrestling game". Sounds good, i have done that but as a custom wrestler but not as a mannager so i dunno if you could give me some extra tips for management because from what i heard from some guys who were gm's they had a lot to plan like 3 steps ahead in case something changes
oman1666 Jul '17
when I hosted, my players were just the wrestlers, though they had a certain level of creative control. Meanwhile I was;
-The booker
-The manager
-The referee
-Both commentators
-The ring announcer
and the GM.

It was a lot of work, which is why I eventually stopped hosting it. If you're not sure how to GM it, and would rather stick to playing games, then do that. Gming is a bit commitment, and is ten times the work that playing is

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