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Stories Behind the Usernames

mylittlepony Aug '17
This thread is basically exactly what it sounds like. If there's an interesting reason for why your username is what it is, then post it. If it's not that interesting, post it if you want. For me, I wanted to use MyLittleTails, but there aren't capital letters allowed, plus it's 1 letter too long. And thus, mylittlepony was born.
vechmaster Aug '17
made up "vechmaster" for some website *aaaaages* ago. The name just stuck
trippasnippa Aug '17
I had The Big Lez Show on during signing up. The trippasnippa for those that don't know is a burrito style food that has usual ingrediants, plus a metric ton of drugs. "Its called the Trippa Snippa 'cos it makes you trip the f out."
bastille Aug '17
... it's an alt-rock band. They're alright. Just like me:)
fenriswolf91 Aug '17
I usually go with the name of Fenriswolf in almost all online games I play, just because I like the Nordic mythology and wolves.

Plus there was an unit in the old RTS game Age of Mythology called Fenriswolf, like Fenrir, the father of all wolves. And 91 is just my birth year that I add in because Fenriswolf itself is often already taken when I sign up somewhere.
oman1666 Aug '17
So, I first started using mine at about 12/13 years old... and bloody hell I was a weird little edge lord... let's break it down:

O - my first initial
Man - my gender
Oman - the son of the devil (edge lord alert!)
16 - my lucky number
666 - the devil's number (edge lord over load!)

Put that all together and you get... Oman1666!
spidermod Aug '17
Well my username was almost always related to some game i've played, like Ender (minecraft), Ratchet (Ratchet and Clank) and Crash (Crash bandicoot). They were usually taken already so i was always changing between those. One day I ran a Don't Starve blog with my friends, I was Rping as Webber (a spider dude) so i was the Spider Moderator, and well, it stuck.
kierbrony Aug '17
Mine's pretty simple. My name's Kieran, and I'm a Brony. I've never found a website where it's taken!
trotrigar Aug '17
Well, Trotrigar is the main character of my book, and actually i started to use this name as username for some places as i am very bad at creating usernames.
ferhargo Aug '17
I misspelled the name of a character from a book back when I first started getting on the internet. It took me years to go back to the book in question and realize I had done it wrong, by that point I was accustomed to the name. Being effectively random syllables due to being a variant on a rather obscure name to begin with, it's very rarely taken.
supersam317 Aug '17
My name was based on a pokemon youtuber i watched long ago named SuperSkarmory, so therefore supersam. (ik its fricken cringy and people laugh at the name)
chronodumb Aug '17
I only started to use IGN chronodumb in my early days of Warcraft III custom map called Dota... because i mainly use Faceless Void and was such a noob in using his skill callled Chronosphere (same effect as Red Alert that freezes everyone within a radius) causing to trap within it my teammates and leaving the enemies free to massacre them... Eventually, friends began to call me chrono-dumb... and i liked the name, so i started using it on every other game i played...
knbrisson Aug '17
Mine is pretty simple, and not sure I want to expose it, but I might as well.
K is my first intial.
N is my middle initial.
And you can guess what Brisson is.
Kinda got it from my Dad, who used the initials NKB for things like his PSN Account, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and the like. It's always stuck, and I've NEVER changed it.
yummypancake Aug '17
Pancake's are yummy :D
Simple enough.
yummypancake Aug '17
>.> Very yummy. But veryyummypancake isn't a great username
nipahut15 Sep '17
Nipahut huh...

Basically the english term for a "Bahay Kubo"
I gave the name to my cousin, but he uses another name here so I ask him if I can use the name I gave him. And here I am using the name.

so if ever you see the name "Nipahut15" on another website or game. Chances are its my cousin.
daveslasher Sep '17  /  edited Sep '17
My name was originated by an unkown force that smashed my brain when i was thinking of an username, i was about to let it be like "daves", but then the force slashed trough my brain and when i regain conciousnes i remembered the feeling and immediately knew that it was so simple, yet awesome for me and so i became..."daveslasher".

*Real story: It was the first thing that came to my mind afther taking a dump with huge efforts :p
krafter24 Sep '17

This is when I needed a username, I thought of the first object that came to my mind. It was Peanut butter brand called "Kraft" that I was eating at the time. and I added "er". so its a misspelling of "crafter" (Dark Ages: my minecraft days)
antiman Sep '17
I am that which sleeps in the darkness. That which haunts the dreams of small children and grown men alike. I am the shadow in the woods; the force that makes you look over your shoulder. I am the antithesis of all that is good and righteous in this world. I am not a man. I am the AntiMan.

But jokes aside, it's a superhero concept I had when I was a freshman; he had the power to manipulate entropy and stuff. The name was pretty solid, so I stuck with it.
wolfmech Sep '17
I came up with the name from my interest in the world of mechs and all the cool things that could come from it. Moreover, I at the time remember how neat the wolf zord was in Power Rangers Wild Force. Also, there was the wolf Zoid that I still don't remember the name of without looking it up. Added to that the idea of wolf Transformers and well there you go.
So, in other words, it's just a combination of my favorite animal and my favorite well...genres for lack of a better word.
stranger Sep '17
my normal username was too long so I just started typing in words that were cool usernames, and lo and behold stranger wasn't taken.
brixius Oct '17
Character from the Sonny series of RPGs, Baron Brixius.
Shortened it to Brixius here and many other places where I use it.
swordsx Oct '17
I wanted to put Diamondswordsx, as its my name that i made when I was 9, and I use it for anything and everything, but it was too long and there are no caps allowed. And so, swordsx was created.
kanto5 Oct '17
I wanted to use a lot of my favorite usernames from the past, like from 10 years ago, but somehow they're both used. It was probably too common (Like abcdefg as a password)

So I took 10 seconds and typed the first name that came to my mind. Cant.
Kanto* and since it was my fifth try, I put the number five at the end of it.

Honestly, I didn't even think about Pokemon or so as my username suggests.
But.. maybe thats only half true.
rxlr Oct '17  /  edited Nov '17
Rxlr stands for
R-- my first name, and no I wont tell
X-- stands for X in greek numbers which means 10, and no im not either greek or ten, but it means my place in the guild of a game i played in the past
L-- stands for lazy
R-- Revolution

This name was made in a time where me and some friends had this guild in an MMO so my name got to be "Insert my first name" the 10th Lazy Revolutionary RXLR. Our guild was The Lazy Revolution
niph Nov '17
If you take my first and middle name and kinda sorta just squash them together, the result sounds kinda like "nif", which I turned to "niph".
rlvvmc Nov '17  /  edited Nov '17
My username came from my older brother. 10+ years ago i wanted to play counter strike 1.6 and he installed it in my computer. i didn't know what name to pick and he just made one for me. I liked how the name sounded and used for pretty much everything ever since. Difference being is that he made the name "rlvvc" and i added the m after. I'm not saying more than that though.
mavromino Nov '17
In the dark hunter book series mavromino is the name of the alliance of the tree primal dark gods. I really like that book series so I started using it on places.
drenian Nov '17
Iannis Drenasos was my HQ commanding officer during my first WH campaign. He ended his career literally nomnomed to death, but his memory lives on, hence DrenIan.
edward Nov '17
is my name
vampyrezei Nov '17
I used to play a ton of Town Of Salem, and I wanted a name that'd be easy for people to recognize me across in all of my games. I'm completely unoriginal in everything I do and i'm as creative as dried paint so what did I do? I took the word Vampire, changed the I to a Y, made the P capital and what'd I get? VamPyre. When that was taken it went to VamPyreZ, when that was taken it went to VamPyreZee, and then I realized I was an idiot and it couldn't have capitals so it turned into vampyrezei.
erstwhile Nov '17
Not as extravagant as many of these posts but I chose my username because "Erstwhile" is my favorite word. That's about it.
kerrballs42 Nov '17
When my dad was younger he had the name kerrballs. Nobody called me that because i lack testicles. But i like the name and Douglas Adams so i figured id just call myself that and tack the answer to life the universe and everything on to the end for good measure. Plus its never taken.
gongrath Nov '17
Gongrath was the name of NUMEROUS online accounts and characters in different games,.and so I just happened to use it here as well.
teego Nov '17
My username used to always either be Restbe or Demo. I kind of wanted to have something different, so i chose Teego by pure chance. It has absolutely no origin.

(Except i just looked it up and it appears to be closely related to golfing somehow)
dmions Jan '18
My friends call me Simon. I prefer to be the dungeon master (DM) in D&D. I smashed them both together, and boom. Dmion. I would have been Dimon, but I felt like it sounded a little too close to Demon.
alkwyzheir Jan '18  /  edited Aug '18
I have weird habits to make over-complicated names for medias that values names (To be fair it was from Dota 2, I had a childish dream of having that name recognized.)

For instance; Ichitachikacheta Hachachiel. That name is complicated enough, making me wonder if I hate short names on characters I value.
sebastion Jan '18
Recently started going by Sebastion irl. My best friend calls me Bast (Egyptian Goddess of cats) so I just kinda like going by Bast now.
01chrism Mar '18
There is only One Chrism.
shruggyboi Apr '18
Mine is a weird one. I used a stock image of a guy shrugging for my Discord avatar and named it a shrug kaomoji and then people started complaining it was hard to mention so I changed it to shruggyboi/shruggyanimegril (I cropped the guy's face onto an anime girl) - stuck ever since. Even my email uses it, now.
scrin342 Apr '18
Originally played a RTS known as C&C, C&C III was my childhood, Scrin is a reaaaaally broken faction in that game that I loved to death; 342 were the numbers I keyed in that actually worked when registering to some website. Scrin342.
cxjulian Apr '18
Mine is CxJulian because i cant just write Julian on accounts ( always taken ) and i needed somthing more. I just chose cx randomly to have somthing to put for a few accounts while i figured somthing out and now its stuck because when my friends saw it they noticed something that i hadn't realised. If you say cx out loud it sounds like ### . :l my friends have the best wierdest sense of humor. And so CxJulian was born, but no caps here so cxjulian ;D
spoiderman May '18
I said spider-man to a friend in a weird accent and it came out as Spoider-Man. I don't know why he found it funny but he did. Then we started gaming and made a group called the meme cartel, which I was evidently Spoider-Man. So, yeah. Why not.
seanisaswom May '18
Remember the lego movie? yeah i was supposed to make it seanisawesome. you can guess the rest. (Hint: Broken Keyboard and Horrid Typo)
otisjustotis Jun '18
My name is basically just because as a kid, my dad called me all sorts of random names, and i always responded with "MY NAME IS OTIS, JUST OTIS!" and i stuck with that as a username. also, it's because Otis is copyrighted by escalators.
yummypancake Jun '18
I like food, and I was thinking of a good name. My food names usually consist of an "a", an adjective, then the the food. Calamari is my favorite food, but "A Scrumptious Calamari" was a bit too long and not that great to say. There are no spaces on FT so i cut up the format to just [Adjective][Food]. I eventually settled on yummypancake, because I thought it looked and was said smoothly enough, and the last letter of the first word and the first letter of the second word didn't contrast so much that it looked unnatural. Sadly, pancakes aren't even on my top 20 favorite foods.
plotspider Jun '18
My nickname comes from a friend of mine when I GM'd everything. It seemed to the player that I was really adept at weaving together plotlines, keeping companies together, and really moving the plot along. So he called me the "plotspider" and I loved it so much I owned it and kept it. I was the GM for MOST of the games I've ever played. My claim to fame was a game that lasted for 12 hours straight (playing Red Box Hack system) and at the end of it, the players were begging me to continue on.
sirpear Jul '18
Always liked "Sir"s and gentlemen and the like. And Pearson is my last name. A nickname I have is Son of Pear, so for a lot of internet things my username is Sir then some variant of Son of Pear.
baragon Aug '18
Named after a Japanese movie monster.
mizuakira Aug '18
I got this username from my senior of Comic Scanlator Team.. He asked me to make one as I submit my final project of a comic..

I don't know how to get a cool username, until I got an idea using username in Japanese, even I don't know what it means..

Times running faster, until I met someone that giving me the meaning of my name..

Mizu : Water | Akira : Fall Season | The Water in Fall Season
demonboigaia Aug '18

Demon because im edgy
Boi because im a boi
Gaia because yggdaddy was taken in another game I wanted to play.
greyline Oct '18
My old accounts name is darkavoir i guess il explsin both names
Darkavoir is a mix of 2 pokemon names darkrai and Gardavoir both were my fav pokemons so i mixed those names togheter and got darkavoir

Now greyline on the other hand i dunno i saw grey which is my second fav color then i thought eh grey thats taken i guess --looks around-- grey... line yeah greyline its good
So thats how i got my 2 names
siris Oct '18
siris cuz of infinity blade
zomb Nov '18
I live and breath zombies... any and all zombies even things before zombies and after zombies ... I have Damn zombie coffee cup even ... so yea it was going to happen... I have a major problem
feital Nov '18
Feital comes from a mix of HunterXhunter character , an assassin named Feitan and the word Fatal. combining them together forms Feital, which in my own opinion sounds really edgy and cool.
caviar Jan '19
I was pretty damn hungry for caviar the day I made this account.
'Nuff said, to be honest.
elderprince Jan '19
I loved reading through christopher paolini's Inheritance cycle, and I especially loves the name for his Eldest. And since I'm the eldest of five siblings I thought it would be the perfect username for me to be the Eldest Prince, hence the name Elderprince.

P.S It's not meant to describe me as old or elderly, just the oldest of the royal family ;)
jungle Jan '19
My full normal user Is JungleFoxGZ or JungleFoxGameZ, I just went with jungle on here though, simpler and I couldn't do caps I guess
(Username was made aaaagggggeeeesssss ago)
kansiwiz Jan '19
Kansi is my name, and I was really into wizards when I made it. Now I use m3me, but I use this name when that's taken.
wwtall1 Jan '19
My name is, and always was, an Acronym.

I remember that the first three letters had been "Were-Wolf Tiger", but for the next three i'm just assuming that they stood for the "Always Laggy Legion" and "1" because i for some reason used to think that I'd want more than one account on any site i'd use. Never needed one though, so I'm always the first of.. well, myself.

Lakefish or Lakefish_HAXX is the name I tend to use on accounts now, but i don't have a reason to change off of wwtall1 where I have accounts already.
jarizard Jan '19
J my first initial
Charizard my fav Yugioh Spell
Jarizard boom
awalnut Jan '19
I just think a walnut is kinda funny idk
nekoknight Mar '19
i like nekos, and i like knights
meephappy Mar '19
Its my old roblox username from like 2010, it just sort of stuck to me and its been my go too since then
notausername May '19
I... didn't have a username.
fremkun May '19
i literally threw letter together and got a name
rutniuf Jul '19
When I was little, I was asked on a website to enter my name, and little me knows that exposing your real name on the internet, on a random website is bad, so I just close my eyes and starts pushing random keys on my keyboard. It just stuck after that.
thekrakenpup Jul '19
This new one was just a monster i like and another thing i like(puppies, hihi!), but Thehunter123 cames from a looong way ago, from back when Minecraft was cool. Back in those days i was a VERY edgy kid(who loved wolves, which are hunters) that went by the name of Darkhunter or something of such bias, and people would usually call me "Dark" or "Hunter", mostly Hunter. Eventually i got bored and decided to go by another nick, and that's how i got my nick: Thehunter123
verysadgirl Sep '19
I'm just generally very sad.
tt38 Sep '19
Was playing some star wars game a long time ago. Played as a droid, they gave me the name and it stuck. Doesn't really mean anything like these guys. ;-;
meepowolf Oct '19
somewhere, or many other places they call me meeposaur.. or meepracoon.. but alas, I am the meepowolf

meep is a funny noise and I like wolves.. that's it
bustamark Nov '19
I had a (best!) friend who is sadly deceased, who's username was Bustamark on our favorite game at the time, so my username is a tribute to him. Don't know if I've told others this, but said friend took the name of the German WW2 Bismarck, and asked me to list four random letters, (I believe the order I said them in was a, s, u, then t, don't hold me to that though) then moved them around until he got Bustamarck, but as the English-speaking American White Supremists we were, we had to change it even more! Joking, we were just English speakers, so he removed the c. So though it was inspired by the German ship, I didn't make it personally.

Honestly, wherever he are now, I hope he's happy that I actually did this, since usually I don't really do stuff like that. Online? Sure. In Real life, where I can be reminded by it and affected? No. I should have done more, but at least I did something.
justomega Nov '19
Mine is really simple, my main nickname is most places is "Omega" or "OmegaEW" which, the Omega takes inspiration on the Reploid Omega from Megaman/Rockman Zero 3.
Recently, i decided that "EW" my first name letter and last part of the name, made the nickname not sound so good.
so, i took the "Just" From a Meme based on my second ranking at my top waifus list.
So, thats why "Just Omega" However, should i make an new nickname based on my top waifu, i wonder which would sound better... HomuOmega? OmegaHomu?HomOmega? AkeOmega? OmegaKemi? something like that, i guess.
hulien Nov '19
I usually like to use the "WorldLover" or "WorldHater" nickname, or even "WorldHatter". But i was interested in RPG and that RPG worlds, with new creatures and places. So i tried to create a world also. I'm still working on it. But when i found this site i thought: "RPG is not just a game, it's a whole universe. With different animals and worlds. So i should choose some different name..." And i chose Hulien.
terminalidea Dec '19
Mine was influenced by the ocarina of time, and the fact that some of my projects seem to end in flames.
sirbodacious Mar '20
Mine is a variation of a handle I use pretty frequently on the internet. However I had to use sirbodacious due to the character limit.

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