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Learn as you play option?

chronodumb Aug '17

I have never played any table top rpg games, but I really really wanted to try one. Almost no one from our country plays any table top games, and you cannot buy things like D&D and a like from our local stores, so I never owned one... My first game here did not go so well, it took about an hour to finish setup but then players started leaving... My second game, I 'begged' a friend to join, but during the first scenario another player wanted her kicked because she doesn't know the rules (because I just dragged her, so she haven't know anything about RPGs and stuff, she did some dice rolls that are more than her current stats), and so we had to leave... She told me she'll never play this game again, EVER :(

So far I haven't found a any 'playable' game here... Are there any 'learn' as you play game? Its very intimidating for new players to force them to read the whole 'book of rules' :(
oman1666 Aug '17
Hi Chronodumb and welcome to the site!

I'd say that unfortunately you do have to read the book of rules to get started... however the rules of Fabletop (found in the how to play) are very simple and straight forward.

If you explain that you are brand new to TRPGs at the start of the games, you'll find several GMs are more than willing to do everything they can to assist you. You might also find, however, that for more advanced games or games that are further into the story, the GM might politely ask a newer player to sit out the game.

I hope you manage to get into the swing of things eventually :)
solbor Aug '17  /  edited Aug '17
Also, do try to play in a few games before you GM. If you are interested in the details of GM-ing, Matthew Coleville has some good material on youtube.

One more thing: Thanks for giving it a shot. It's sad to see/hear about games going sour.
jediofrealms Aug '17
Hello Chrononumb

Welcome to the site. This is indeed a wonderful place to roleplay and enjoy time together with friends, in an odd variety of games. As well as a semi freeform aspect with ccing. There is usually a game for every type of person on here.

Sadly there is also people who just want to game and hurry. My best advice is to ask the GM of the table you wish to join if they would mind a newb in their games. Some games are more complex and harder to understand then others. My own game, Simple Fable uses slightly complex house rules that take a session to get used to. So for games like that, it's hard to join in the middle of the game when you need help from the GM. For example if I'm hosting a game for 4-5 people, it's unfair to them to stop the game for 30 mins to an hour to help cc a character.

That being said if you ever want to join my game and see me on here. Drop me a message or grab my attention and I'd be glad to help you with CC 1 on 1, so you'd be ready for the next game.

Lastly, as others said on here. It's better to play for 1-2 months before you starting Gming yourself. Helps get a feel for the place and understand the gaming community here before jumping in the deep end.

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