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Update: New Miniatures

frost Sep '17
I just deployed a new update with new Fantasy miniatures:

-- Female humans
-- Elves
-- Armored humans (male & female)

If you have any large miniatures, you will probably need to replace them, because they moved in the sprite sheet.

Keep in mind that I can't add every permutation of race/weapon/armor/gender with the way the miniature system is designed right now. Each one is a separate sprite, which means that each one has to be drawn separately and has an additional impact on performance. Maybe someday there will be a more dynamic system, but not in the foreseeable future.

hustle Sep '17
Even these couple of new rows add a TON of character personalization and will build immersion. I know we're all too tied up looking at these minis at the moment, but consider this the first of countless thanks.
oman1666 Sep '17
Those armoured knights are so beautiful that I actually audibly gasped when I opened my miniatures screen. Thanks Frost!

Note to the community; the large minis have been changed in all saved scenes as well as your minis bar.

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