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Could you please make the Scenes save Online?

tomasek1a Jan '18
When i want to continue building my Table a lot of times happens that the Scenes are just not there because of Google auto clear.
yeah, i don't like the Google Auto Clearing thing but i just Can't turn it off.

so I'd like to have the scenes saved on some Server,
so you would get the ability to save them on the server and then load them on any other device.

I know it will cost $$$ to get it running but still, it would be really nice.
oman1666 Jan '18
Scenes saving to the server, and the ability to share these scenes with other players, has been on Frost's radar for a while now.

when requesting this sort of thing, always remember that Fabletop only has one developer, who works a full time job and has other projects.

If Chrome is wiping your scenes automatically, you could try making Firefox your dedicated Fabletop browser. :)
sebastion Jan '18
Is there a way to manually move them?
mylittlepony Jan '18
Yes, and that was explained in some other forum post. You can also do what I do, and use the Snipping tool on Windows to take screencaps of the mats.

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