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Stackable Tiles

dmions Jan '18
This is a mechanic suggestion that I would really love to see implemented.
Right now, the game I'm Gming is on a path that will inevitably go through mountains, but I can't really make a mountainous game mat without it looking really plain. Maybe in the future there could be a mechanic to stack tiles to make a bit more variety on the game mat, or taller tiles. As a side note, snow tiles, ice tiles, and tree miniatures would make a lot more scenarios possible.
oman1666 Jan '18
Snow and Ice tiles can already be found in the game!

The trick with Fabletop is to use the board only as an aide with most of the terrain detail coming from the narration.

When suggesting entire mechanics, please always bear in mind that the site only has one developer, who works a full time job and does this as a side project.
sebastion Jan '18
Not to mention the stacking function may be hard to control.
The imagination is key to all rp.
Also oman1666 are you the developer? sounds like it just checking.
If so I would like to personally thank you for this site. It gives me and my friends a new way to interact and connect.
vechmaster Jan '18
Sebastion, oman is one of the mod team (as am I)

the developer of the site is Frost ^_^
sebastion Jan '18
Ok thx

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