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How did you find fabletop?

bluephoenix Jan '18
How did you find fabletop?

For me personally, I found it through google.
thejoseph Jan '18
same way
I searched up pen and paper game online
spidermod Jan '18
Aye aye, I wanted online D&D so I googled it. Didn't find it, decided to search for online tabletop. Roll20 was too complex, Fabletop was simple and marvelous.
And that's my story.
oman1666 Jan '18
I googled 'Online Tabletop RPG'

I got no results. so I began to host a game on a chatzy sever, using Omegle to recruit. When that game had ran its course, I googled 'Online Tabletop RPG' again and found Fabletop
ferhargo Feb '18
I was recruited from the cesspool of Kongregate RP chats as one of the few vaguely competent and serious people there by a member of FT looking for players.
sirsolocup Feb '18
I Googled 'Online Pen and Paper RPG' and got Fabletop
mylittlepony Feb '18
thunderstar Feb '18
My friend and I were interested in playing an RPG but didn't want to put the money into trying something like DnD. I had a lot of free time back then, and was like, "I can come up with my own RPG that we can play through text chat". Looking back, the mechanics I had come up with weren't bad, and some of them are a bit similar to the custom mechanics I have on my table now. I eventually Googled "Free Pen and Paper RPG". I found Fabletop and decided to stick around.
swordsx Feb '18
I learned it through Archerboy102, and he learned about it because he wanted to play dungeons and dragons. But he didnt have the money so he found this website
supersam317 Feb '18
I was rping in Kongregate RP serious chat room, where Palegeon hit me up with this website
donaldtrump Mar '18
Best fantasy role playing games
01chrism Mar '18
fenrirwolf May '18
roll20 didn't suit me, and this filled all my interests about tabletop rpg's and more, found it on bing
rlvvmc May '18
I was, one fateful day nearly an year ago, browsing around to find a place to roleplay in. The first result google got me was Fabletop.
trotrigar May '18
I was drunk.
alkwyzheir May '18
Don't remember.

I believe it was as followed:
1. Saw some youtube d&d
2. Want to play d&d
3. Accidentally downloaded D&D MMORPG which had nothing to do with actually tabletop roleplaying
4. Look for more online D&D
5. Opened roll21, got confused.
6. Moved to Fabletop.
7. Play some crappy character
fenriswolf91 May '18
I always wanted to play pen and paper roleplaying games but didnīt find a group. After watching some twitch streamers and youtubers playing their rounds I decided to search for an online alternative.

I played Space Station 13 at the time (still playing it) on Goonstation and in their forums I found a thread called "Other nerdy games you play". Someone posted a link to Fabletop, and now Iīm here.
doggoboii May '18
just searched on google cuz roll20 waz TRAAAAASH
sirpear Jul '18
Saw my brother on it, and in my quest to be exactly like him because I thought he was cool (and I still think he's cool), I made an account.
greyline Oct '18
I went on google saw roll20 lost 3 brain cells trying to understand it then i saw this when i accidentaly typet in fabletop rpgs instead and found this
jelllo Nov '18
I had no one to play D&D with so I searched "online tabletop rpgs" and here we are
feital Nov '18
because of D&D that the NODE guys played on Youtube. it really looks fun. so i searched for an online version of D&D and found this.
florenceano Jan '19
I got bored once so I made a TTRPG with paper and cardboard and used my sibling's toys for player pieces(I was 14 at the time). I didnt have many to play with but my sibling(who was 6). 3 years later, I google up DnD and scroll down and find nothing. Then DnD online and still nothing. Then Tabletop online and I see 2 different titles at the top: Roll20 and Fabletop. Roll20 sounded boring but fabletop sounded quite fun. I clicked the title, made an account and wahzow! Welcome to Fabletop!
kansiwiz Jan '19
Searched up "online tabletop game" and got this.
wwtall1 Jan '19
I think i just plain searched for a D&D style game, but i might have learned about it through Kongregate. I genuinely don't recall, but whatever it was was a good thing.
kanto5 Mar '19
I got on a Mac, and couldn't play my usual roleplaying platforms that were restricted to windows only. Told google I was craving for some roleplaying and wanted an alternative, a browser ttrpg for some quick fun, and found fabletop in one of the results. Stayed because of.. reasons.
vechmaster Mar '19
>implying that your dark mistress wasn't always here, lurking in the shadows until it was time for me to reveal myself
meephappy Mar '19
same as spidermod up top
rutniuf Jul '19
Almost the same as alkwyzheir
bustamark Nov '19  /  edited Nov '19
Same as Spidermod, except I just didn't want to have to stalk people for 2 @#/$ weeks before finding a game (aka Roll20).
punkblade Dec '19
from a link that was pinned on one of the discord servers I'm on
miguelzinber Jan '20
Well, I was looking for some platforms for playing RPG online like D&D 5e, when I found a site called fabletop and got interested in the visual graphics and the simple and unique game system.
artfuld Mar '20
I am trying out some VTT during the coronavirus lockdown. I did a Google search and found this one.
verysadgirl Apr '20
Once upon a time a girl was very sad (and inhebriated) and wanted to RP after her SWTOR Guild fell apart due to drama, so she googled.

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