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How did you find fabletop?

bluephoenix 21 days ago
How did you find fabletop?

For me personally, I found it through google.
thejoseph 21 days ago
same way
I searched up pen and paper game online
spidermod 20 days ago
Aye aye, I wanted online D&D so I googled it. Didn't find it, decided to search for online tabletop. Roll20 was too complex, Fabletop was simple and marvelous.
And that's my story.
oman1666 19 days ago
I googled 'Online Tabletop RPG'

I got no results. so I began to host a game on a chatzy sever, using Omegle to recruit. When that game had ran its course, I googled 'Online Tabletop RPG' again and found Fabletop
ferhargo 18 days ago
I was recruited from the cesspool of Kongregate RP chats as one of the few vaguely competent and serious people there by a member of FT looking for players.
sirsolocup 14 days ago
I Googled 'Online Pen and Paper RPG' and got Fabletop
mylittlepony 14 days ago
thunderstar 13 days ago
My friend and I were interested in playing an RPG but didn't want to put the money into trying something like DnD. I had a lot of free time back then, and was like, "I can come up with my own RPG that we can play through text chat". Looking back, the mechanics I had come up with weren't bad, and some of them are a bit similar to the custom mechanics I have on my table now. I eventually Googled "Free Pen and Paper RPG". I found Fabletop and decided to stick around.
swordsx 12 days ago
I learned it through Archerboy102, and he learned about it because he wanted to play dungeons and dragons. But he didnt have the money so he found this website
supersam317 3 days ago
I was rping in Kongregate RP serious chat room, where Palegeon hit me up with this website

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