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Abilities and you! How to create unique skills!

antiman Jan '18
Hello citizens of Fabletopia! If you're anyone who's anyone, then you've probably heard of house rules concerning Abilities! Abilities are interesting and relatively simple ways to spice up basic Fabletop games. To start, I'll give you an ability as an example:
- Firestrike (Active: 1 PP): The user ignites their weapon of choice in flames, causing their next attack to do 1 bonus damage, as well as inflict Burn.

Whereas in vanilla Fabletop, a warmage initiating this sort of technique would require some sort of improvisation on the GM's part, abilities allow your spellcaster or fighter to have set effects on otherwise nebulous skills. In my experience, allowing for abilities creates a sort of uniqueness normally unavailable to Fabletop characters. But enough with the finicky bits; Antiman, how do I make an ability. Well friend, it's a piece of cake. When I make abilities, I use the rule of effects. These only really apply if they're major effects, but they're good to make use of.

- Bonus Damage = 1 PP
- Crowd Control (Stuns, Roots, Walls, etc.) = 1 PP
- Area of Effect = 1 PP
- Damage Over Time = 2 PP

So an ability with an Area of Effect that inflicts Crowd Control would look something like this.
- Kiai (Active: 2 PP): A 3 x 3 roar centered on the caster that inflicts a 1 round stun on enemies around them.

Abilities are essentially limitless in their capabilities, and leave a gargantuan amount of room for customization. Now that you know how they work, I hope you'll have an easier time making and implementing them.
- Best wishes, Antiman.
oman1666 Feb '18
As this isn't core, and is a matter of personalisation from table and table, I'm not sure this belongs on the main forum.
swordsx Feb '18
It pretty much sums up the majority of tables though

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