Epic Tales on a Tiny Tabletop BETA

A rules-light tabletop RPG in your browser.

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Fabletop is a virtual tabletop with a built-in rules system.

It's easy to learn — even if you're new to tabletop role-playing!

How It Works   6:36
  • Chat system designed for role-playing
  • Customizable battlemat & miniatures
  • Built-in character sheets & dice
  • Easy GM tools for on-the-fly encounters
  • Usable in any web browser, no setup hassles
  • Quick Start Rules »
    Built-in Ruleset
  • Designed for online, chat-based play
  • Easy to learn -- chargen takes about a minute
  • Create any kind of character, with custom traits
  • Special d6 system for quick resolution  (no messy math)
  • Perfect for creative role-playing vs "rule-playing"