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Hey, I need campaign ideas

greywolf1600 May '18
Come on, gimme some ideas. I'm not sure what to make for my first big campaign, so got any ideas/premises for a game?
hustle May '18
It's always fun to draw from your own interests/inspirations. If you really enjoy Lord of the Rings, make a glorified "fetch quest" where the party has to find and/or take a mystical item to a mystical place through lots of harsh areas.

Or, if you're not sure where to start, try a dungeon crawl. Dungeons, by nature, are a bit more limiting to the players, and you'll have less opportunity for open world shenanigans that might get a novice GM in hot water. Having to go from A to B is a lot easier to handle when most of the journey is underground!
greywolf1600 May '18
Fair enough. Thanks for the idea. Anyways, I'm focusing a little more on genre. But still, good idea.
oman1666 May '18
Clichés are fantastic, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Get a party together and get them to slay a dragon, or battle an invading orc army.
x009 May '18
Exist a Android Game named "Knights of paper 2", it system was perfect to that plataform.
Dnd is the aspiration for the game

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