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Craziest RP Stories

rebeldesert Jun '18
Well, the title explains it all! What are the craziest things that have ever happened to you while playing a RP? This includes offsite and onsite RPG's, so feel free to include any of your crazy D&D stories too.
oman1666 Jun '18
On site;

In one of my campaigns, a player wanted to use his limited power points to heal an NPC cow that had taken 1 damage. He rolled I think 3 stars, and thus Super Bessie was born, a recurring NPC Cow with super strength.

Off site;

One of my friends has made the following characters;
-Fuffles, A Gryphon knight who insisted on riding inside the wheel of a carriage instead of on the seats
-Howard the 8 foot Dwarf.
-Gertrude the pacifist assassin

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