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The "ONE" Browser that can run Fabletop

doomweaver13 Mar '17  /  edited Mar '17
=== The "ONE" Browser that can run Fabletop Without a Single Hitch ===

To any of you who has been around long enough on this site you probably have encountered the dreaded connection drops and long_poll errors that has reared its ugly head from time to time (or always if you're really unfortunate like I used to be).

Now it might have to do with your slow internet connection or your slow pc but if you're sure you have no problem on these fronts allow me to share what has worked for me.

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, i have tried these three and more but so far only one browser has ran Fabletop without a single hitch for me and that is the Puffin browser.

The Puffin browser is available for android users but can also be used in PC if you have bluestacks installed.

I don't know what it is with the Puffin browser but for some reason it runs Fabletop absolutely 99.9% free of any disconnection issues.

To anyone who is suffering constant disconnection issues during table sessions I highly recommend this amazing browzer. I have it installed on my Pc and android device and I can play on any table on any time of day without ever having to suffer from "Sorry, connection dropped. Please refresh." on both devices (it takes some getting used to though).

If you have questions about this (specially about optimizing this for your PC or laptop) feel free to pm me. I will answer as soon as I'm online to the best of my ability.

yummypancake May '17
I use chrome, and I don't have any disconnection or things of the source, but Puffin is a really great thing, especially its availability on devices, but if you use your Puffin on device as well as a PC, then your saves won't be transfered

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