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Honor Mechanic: Is it a good idea

jediofrealms Jul '17
SO I'm debating including something like this in my future games on here.

I would like feedback from the community on if this is a good idea or not. I know character karma, morality level, honor, etc. Whatever associated label you wanna call it by is always dicey in roleplaying games. It also seems highly comical to assign a game mechanic to a subject so abstract as "morality".

But I like everyone else, at some point gets into a morality argument in a game rather in character or out of character.

So maybe a rewards based mechanical point system is a good idea? What are you thoughts? Good or Bad.

Thank You!
frost Jul '17
I think it's an interesting idea, as long as it's an important element of your game world. Some players need the extra nudge of a mechanic like that to get beyond the usual adventurer mindset of seeking loot and power.
daretobe Jul '17
Morality arguments are similar to alignment arguments, and those are as old as D&D. Don't be worried about those arguments.

I have used the Honor rules found in D&D 5e, and I enjoy them for certain games with certain themes. If you have nobility in your game, or vassals and knights, Honor is part of their chivalry. Games like Mount & Blade Warband use an Honor score to determine the Marshal of the Realm. Finding other examples of honor and how its been used could help your game.

Honor is also very important in oriental adventures, as part of culture and social status. Using Honor in these elements, or as part of your setting will make Honor more relevant in your game.

Unlike alignments, Honor is known by others. Honor is part of your reputation. If a character is known as very honorable, NPCs should be more trusting, or give more respect. On the contrary, a PC who is dishonorable should have a harder time making deals with merchants, getting leads to adventure hooks, and possibly refused admittance to places in civilization.

As a general rule I personally have when implementing new things into my games, it needs to add more than it takes away. It needs to be worth the work and the small hassle to have your players keep track of it.

Good luck.

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