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New Mechanic (Summons/Pets Ownership)

rxlr Jan '18
Hey, I'm Rxlr, some call me Arex, some Rx, Vech calls me Rixler... dont do that.

I’m here to introduce an idea and, hopefully, a mechanic Frost will implement in the future, the concept is simple, yet I understand how hard it may be to code this into reality.

Now onto the idea itself, I call it “Miniature Ownership”, the main objective is to make having summons/pets easier, both for the GM and for the players.

Some of you may have experience in the past, moments where you wanted a pet to do something and the GM didn’t really had the same in mind or in the worst cases you delay the session because you were PM’ing the GM over and over with answers to is questions about how your pet/summon should behavior, with that in mind I came up with the concept of being able to give a player “Partial Ownership”.

The method is simple to understand by both veterans and new players, adding an option to miniatures with the objective of sharing ownership with another player.
This would mean both the Player and the GM could move the pet/summon around the mat and create interactions such as RP for the pet/summon.

Of course, some rules would have to be established, like not rolling with the pet/summon values that the miniature wouldn’t have, example: If a dog has 3 might, the player shouldn’t roll might based actions with 10 dice. Of course, as a community I believe being reasonable and following directions from the GM would be the easiest thing to achieve, and if not the GM could always revoke ownership.

This is the “mechanic” I present here today, please leave some feedback and of course, this is only a fleshed out idea, so mechanics that would make this simple are appreciated as well.
archerboy102 Jan '18
+1 Its Gud
oman1666 Jan '18
Yeah, this would probably be a good idea. But who's going to code it?

When suggesting entire mechanics, please always bear in mind that the site only has one developer, who works a full time job and does this as a side project.

It's probably much less work if players just tell the GM where they want the minis of their summons to go, and then the GM moves it.
thunderstar 13 days ago
I’m pretty sure I suggested this idea a while back somewhere else in the forums. So, needless to say, I support this idea.

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