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A New Site Guardian

frost Jan '18
To help our moderator team, we have a new Site Guardian (aka moderator)... Drake!

This is also a good time for me to publicly thank all of our guardians for helping keep community running peacefully. They are doing a much better job than I ever did. ;)

And of course thanks to everyone in the overall community for keeping things civil and being generally good to each other.

I know most of us don't like following what seem like arbitrary rules about what we can and can't do. But the truth is that in any large social group -- online or offline -- everyone benefits when there is a behavioral norm in place for everyone to follow, like our Code of Conduct. A little restraint and self-awareness can make a big difference. =)

Thanks and welcome Drake!
mylittlepony Jan '18
01chrism Mar '18
wolfmech Mar '18
Congrats to you there Drake.
scrin342 Apr '18
Grats bud
sebastion Apr '18
gongrath Apr '18

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